Chris Evans Top Gear Leather Jacket: GSR Belstaff Manx Jacket

chris evans top gear leather jacket brand logo2

We now got a clue with that mark on the upper sleeve. Ever seen that thing before? Is it a designer logo? Trademark? We thought it is the Belstaff logo but it’s not because the Belstaff logo looks different.

chris evans top gear leather jacket - belstaff

Update 2: Nailed it! Finally! And we have that mark to thank! The Chris Evans Top Gear leather jacket is actually a Belstaff. It is part of the GSR by Belstaff collection. Specifically, it is a Belstaff Manx Leather Motorcycle Jacket GSR Goodwood Racing Blouson. Sadly, for those of you who want to buy this kind of jacket, it looks like it is no longer available. You might be able to buy one from ebay where we found one being sold for about US$3,000.

chris evans belstaff manx gsr leather jacket