Chris Evans Knives Out Coat Brand, Scarf, and Sweater

Chris Evans Knives Out Coat Brand, Scarf, and Sweater. Did you watch the Rian Johnson movie Knives Out which was released three months ago? Well, if you did and you are like our friend Deena, you’d have come out of the theater gushing not only about the film but also about Chris Evans’ cable knit sweater.

chris evans sweater knives out cable knit - ransome drysdale

Turns out she’s not the only one who suddenly realized that bulky outfits like men’s sweaters can be s*xy AF because it has become a meme over the past few months. Not surprisingly, the film created a big spike in sales for those selling a similar sweater to the one worn by Evans character, Ransome Drysdale.

chris evans sweater knives out - ransome drysdale2

Now, if you are looking for the specific brand of sweater seen in the film, we’re afraid no one knows exactly what brand it is. Well, maybe Chris Evans knows but he’s keeping mum about it. Here’s a New Yorker report on the provenance of the much sought after sweater:

Then the film’s costume designer, Jenny Eagan, started giving interviews that built up the mythology of the sweater. She said that she could not remember who made the sweater (she vaguely remembers purchasing it, but does not recall if it was new or vintage or one of a kind), and that it was now missing. (Evans claims to have swiped much of his wardrobe from the set.) So far, no manufacturer has piped up to claim the glory.

Chris Evans Knives Out Coat Brand: Theory. For our part, unlike Deena who was curious about Chris’ sweater, we were more interested in finding out about the single-breasted long coat that Captain America wore in the movie.

chris evans coat knives out - ransome drysdale

After some googling, we found out that the good people Reddit were on the case too and were able to identify the outfit for us. The coat is made by Theory and you can still buy them from online stores. It’s a bit pricey (around $1.5k) but these things are built to last so you’ll have them forever.

chris evans theory knives out coat single breasted double face

Also, it is a double-faced coat so you can wear them inside out and still look cool. [Want more men’s coats seen in movies/TV? Check out Asa Butterfied’s Wrangler coat on the Netflix show, S*x Education.]

chris evans theory single breasted coat knives out

Now, for those of you more interested in the scarf more than anything else. You’d be happy to know that it is a mughal scarf by the British menswear haberdasher Drake’s. Unfortunately, this particular item appears to be out of stock in online stores.

chris evans coat knives out by theory - mogul scarf by drakes

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