Cheyenne Jackson Shirtless, Wedding, Husband

Cheyenne Jackson Shirtless, Wedding, Husband Part II. Watching Cheyenne as the evil ghost on Julie and the Phantoms made us remember just how gorgeous he is.

Which is why we went looking for shirtless photos of the guy. We hoped we’d find pics from back in the early aughts when he was not as famous as today but our friend Kevin went, “What are you talking about, Cheyenne’s always been famous.”

Nah, not really. He was famous in the LGBT community back then but he is “mainstream famous” now. If we are to compare him to a show, we’d say he’s kinda like RuPaul’s Drag Race who was only famous among Logo viewers when it was starting but is now mainstream famous. Heck even our Grandma Akita is watching the show and is a superfan of Yvie Oddly.

Cheyenne Jackson hot daddy

Anyhoo, here are some fabulous photos of our Cheyenne. First, from Attitude Magazine:

cheyenne jackson hot and wet - attitude magazine

cheyenne jackson shirtless body

Cheyenne Jackson Underwear. Cheyenne, with co-star Daniel Breaker, in his underwear for the Broadway play The Performers where he plays an adult performer.

Cheyenne Jackson underwear broadway

Some peekabo underwear photos.

cheyenne jackson underwear peekabo

Cheyenne Jackson underwear

Cheyenne Jackson Wedding (9 March 2017). Apparently, Cheyenne and Jason tied the knot last September 2014. Check out a wedding photo the couple shared with their fans.

cheyenne jackson boyfriend husband jason landau

Cheyenne Jackson husband jason landau

Two years later, in October 2016, Cheyenne and Jason welcomed twin boys — Willow and Ethan — to their family.

Cheyenne Jackson wedding husband jason landau

Cheyenne Jackson Underwear Photo and More (5 July 2014). It’s been five years since we originally published this post and its about time we give you an update about his career (he’s got tons of projects since ’09), his relationship status (he’s currently engaged), and more of his shirtless and underwear pics (yay! yay! and yay!).

Cheyenne’s career has been advancing swimmingly since we blogged about him in 2009. Since then, he starred in the following TV shows/movies: Glee, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Kitty, Love Is Strange, HR, Full Circle, The Gay Christian Mingle, Mutual Friends, Behind the Candelabra, 30 Rock, Mockingbird Lane, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Photo Op, Law & Order, The Mentalist, and many more. His upcoming projects that you should watch out for include: CSI: Cyber, Day Out of Days, Opening Night, and Beautiful Now.

There’s no doubt that he’s much more popular now than five years ago, no?

On the relationship front, Mr. Jackson is engaged to actor/entrepreneur Jason Landau. Here are some photos of the couple we grabbed from Jason’s instagram account (@jasonrlandau):

cheyenne jackson and jason landau - boyfriend husband

Cheyenne really really loves him his short shorts, no? Not that anyone is complaining.

cheyenne jackson husband jason landau - 2014

The lovebirds get all-wet at the pool. Come on now, Cheyenne, get rid of them towel. Haha.

cheyenne jackson shirtless - does he have a boyfriend

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