Charlie Williams Underwear: Broadway Hunk in Boxers and Briefs

Charlie Williams Underwear: Broadway Hunk in Boxers and Briefs. Who is this pretty boy? That handsome dude, fellow Famewatcher, is Broadway actor Charlie Willliams. Isn’t he the prettiest thing ever? Oh, he wouldn’t mind dropping his trousers to show us his underwear too. Awesome, no? He’s both a boxers AND a briefs man, in case you are wondering.

charlie williams shirtless

Apparently, based on the photos below, Charlie loves him his 2xist underwear.

broadway actor wearing boxers underwear only

charlie williams underwear

We used to think that Broadway actors are all about unshaved beards, unwashed hair, and general unkemptness. We threw the silly stereotypes out the window when we saw these photos of Charlie: he’s clean-cut, he’s got a boy-next-door wholesomeness, and he obviously goes to the gym because he’s got one of them awesome six pack washboard abs that can put The Situation’s abs to shame.

Not surprisingly, Charlie has been winning awards for hotness. For instance, he was named “Broadway Hottie of the Month” by He was also crowned as “Mr. Broadway” after besting the field in a competition called The Broadway Beauty Project.

But Charlie ain’t just a male wallpaper you add to a room to make it more attractive. He’s a real actor too. According to, our hunky stage actor appeared in plays such as How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and Memphis: A Musical. He also acted did Leap of Faith in Los Angeles. We’re pretty sure Charlie’s acting list will continue to grow longer for, after all, the boy’s just 23 years old and has a whole life ahead of him.

[For those of you who are wondering, is the Broadway version of which lists the movies of actors and actresses. Like its more popular cousin, is your source of information for the stage performances of your favorite theater actor.]

charlie williams hot broadway actor with six pack washboard abs

charlie williams shirtless

By the by, Charlie is reportedly into both ladies and dudes so let’s include him in our list of bisexual celebrities along with British actor/singer/etc Duncan James and X-Factor’s Danyl Johnson.

2020 Update: More Hot Underwear Photos from Charlie Williams. We can’t resist not uploading this photo of actor Charlie Williams where he is wearing long johns underwear so we decided to update this post. Haha.

hot broadway actors - charlie williams in long johns underwear

Now, does this boy have a boyfriend or girlfriend? We spent some time looking at his Instagram page (follow him @iamcharliewilliams) and we can’t find any information on his relationship status. He is either single or is keeping it secret. Anyhoo, we will update this post once we have the info on the matter. For the time being, let us continue to appreciate his hawtness and the fact that he ain’t shy about walking around in his undies. Hehe.

charlie williams shirtless underwear - broadway beauty pageant

Wait, there’s more. Here’s a pic we grabbed from his Insta which we also can’t resist uploading. What do you think of his briefs-style swimsuit? Absolute fabulous, no?

charlie williams speedo swimsuit

Charlie Williams Underwear: Broadway Hunk in Boxers and Briefs. Posted 17 November 2010. Last updated: April 19, 2020 at 7:56 am.