Charlie Puth Shirtless and Underwear: Gay or Girlfriend?

Charlie Puth Shirtless and Underwear Photos, Part II. Five years later, we are updating this post to bring you more hawtness from American singer Charlie Puth.

Our singing hunk has managed to establish himself in the music industry and, since we last blogged about him, has bagged several awards from various bodies such as the Teen Choice Awards, Billboard Awards, and Critics Choice Awards. He also earned four nominations from the Grammys and was also nominated for best original song at the Golden Globes. These awards were accompanied by commercial success as evidenced by the platinum and gold awards he received from the RIAA.

Anyhoo, because we know you are thirsty, here are some more recent shirtless photos of the 29-year-old singer. Oh wait, let’s actually start with the pic that prompted us to update this post — this gorgeous photo of Charlie in body-hugging wet tank top shirt. Want more hot men in wet shirts?

charlie puth hot in wet shirt

And here’s Charlie singing shirtless in concert:

charlie puth shirtless in concert

Shirtless in jeans for a photoshoot he did for Flaunt Magazine.

charlie puth shirtless in jeans

Shirtless in leather pants, also for Flaunt.

charlie puth shirtless in leather pants

Apparently, now wears underwear unlike in the past where he mentioned that he is a freeballer.

charlie puth underwear peekabo

On the relationship front, the guy is single again according to a June 2020 report by Apparently, he broke up with his most recent girlfriend, singer Charlotte Lawrence. Here’s a photo of the two when they were still together.

charlie puth gay or girlfriend - charlotte lawrence

Charlie’s other previous girlfriends include Bella Thorne, Selena Gomez, Danielle Campbell, and Halston Sage.

Charlie Puth Shirtless Photos (21 July 2015). There’s a new singer in town. He’s 23 years old. He’s a Jersey boy. He’s got a weird (and kinda cute) eyebrow. And his name is Charlie Puth.

Charlie made it to the big leagues when his musical collaboration with Wiz Khalifa titled “See You Again” was featured on the Furious 7 soundtrack and went on to top the Billboard Hot 100 (for a total of 12 non-consecutive weeks).

Aside from “See You Again”, Charlie’s other Billboard 100 presence includes his first single “Marvin Gaye” (featuring Meghan Trainor) which peaked at #61.

Not a bad accomplishment from a young man from Jersey, huh? How did he do it? It may look like he’s just a lucky guy but he’s been singing and trying for years to gain a share of the limelight.

Charlie Puth Gay or Has Girlfriend? Is he gay? Heh. He is straight. Is he dating anyone at the moment? Is the girl in the pic below his girlfriend? Nope, that’s Meghan Trainor. They just worked together on Charlie’s first single, Marvin Gaye.

charlie puth girlfriend - no just meghan trainor

Based on their tweets and the pic below, Charlie may have dated or is dating model Pritika Swarup. They sure look together, don’t they?

charlie puth girlfriend - pritika swarup

Charlie Puth Shirtless Photos. Thankfully for those of you who are fans of shirtless celebrities, Charlie is himself a fan of shirtlessness.

charlie puth hot - shirtless pic

Shirtless while playing the piano.

charlie puth hot

Eating cereal with no shirt.

charlie puth shirtless body

Charlie Puth shirtless in bed.

charlie puth shirtless

Charlie Puth Underwear. Does he wear boxers or briefs? Apparently, he wears neither. Our Charlie is a freeballer. Here’s what he said in a Twitter exchange with a fan: “i don’t wear underwear. I simply hate it. “@bubblybathlou: @charlieputh what colour is your underwear??'”

Charlie Puth’s Eyebrow. For those of you wondering what he did to his eyebrow and whether it is a fashion statement or something, here’s what he says about the matter (via Youtube): “Everyone keeps asking about why my eyebrow is like this. I got bit by a dog when I was two years old.”

Puth tweeted that he nearly died from the childhood incident due to head trauma. He revealed that his right “eyebrow is permanently like that” because it is scarred. He does not shave it intentionally. He then asked fans to “spread the word.”

charlie puth tank top shirt

Okay, that’s it for now, Famewatchers. For more shirtless singers, check out our post on Luke Bryan Shirtless.

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