Charles Leclerc Shirtless, Girlfriend, Formula One Wins

Charles Leclerc Shirtless, Girlfriend, Formula One Wins. Today in Hot Men in Suits, we bring you Monégasque F1 driver Charles Leclerc who is rocking his Giorgio Armani suit in the photo below which we grabbed from his Insta page (which you might want to follow @charles_leclerc).

Now, if you are like our friend Deena you’d go like, “What the hell is a Monegasque?” Apparently, that’s the term used for a a native or inhabitant of Monaco. Charles was born in Monte Carlo, which is kind of the capital of the tiny and very rich nation state, so that makes him a Monegasque.

charles leclerc hot suit and tie

And here’s another photo of the F1 driver in another Giorgio Armani suit. Want more Hot Men in Suits?

hot men in suit - charles leclerc - f1 driver

He looks hot in his suit and tie ensemble but he rocks his racing suit too.

charles leclerc f1 race suit

And he looks like a male model in his dive suit, doesn’t he?

charles leclerc hot in diving suit

Charles Leclerc Shirtless Photos. We already uploaded a shirtless Charles in our post on Shirtless F1 Drivers but we know a lot of Famewatchers are thirsty for more so we gotta bring you more. So check him out chilling with some pals:

charles leclerc hot f1 driver

Hubba, hubba!

charles leclerc shirtless beach body

charles leclerc shirtless body

Working out shirtless at home.

charles leclerc shirtless workout

The next pic below is, without question, our favorite shirtless photo of the guy.

charles leclerc body sculpted f1 driver

charles leclerc body

Charles Leclerc Gay or Straight? He is straight and dating girlfriend Charlotte Sine who is described by as “the daughter of a powerful entrepreneur”. Like his beau, Charlotte is also a native of Monaco which makes her a Monégasque.

Here are photos of Charles and Charlotte chilling together:

charles leclerc gay or straight - girlfriend charlotte sine

charles leclerc girlfriend charlotte sine

Charles Leclerc F1 Wins. To date, the 23-year-old F1 driver already has two wins to his name and has made the podium 12 times. If that ain’t a remarkable achievement for a young driver, we don’t know what is. Charles’ two victories are the Italian Grand Prix in 2019…

charles leclerc trophy victories - 2019 italian grand prix

… as well as the Belgian Grand Prix which he won the same year.

charles leclerc wins - 2019 belgian grand prix trophy

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