Charles Dera Update: Actor, Ex-Marine, and MMA Fighter

Charles Dera Update: A Decade Later. More than ten years later, whatever happened to our favorite former oldier turned model turned MMA fighter? Well, he is now north of 40 — specifically, he is 42 years old — which makes him a zaddy in our book.

Also, did you know that he is also an actor in adult movies? We did not know this at the time we wrote our original post below but, apparently, he’s been “acting” 2007. To date, he starred in 430 videos according to his IMDB page. If that ain’t the definition of prolific, we don’t know what is.

What is he doing now? Did he stop acting? Is he married and raising a family? From what we gathered, it looks like our ex-Marine is still living the single life although he dated an adult actress named Teanna. He is still active acting in front of the camera and seems to be very much in demand because he’s already got tons of projects released in 2021 alone. Like we said, he is prolific.

Anyhoo, Charles is on Instagram and you might want to follow him (@mrstudshit) if you want to ogle at his zaddiness. But here are some photos of our 2010 imaginary boyfriend which we grabbed from his Insta page:

charles dera daddy

charles dera instagram

He’s still got it, doesn’t he?

charles dera shirtless

charles dera silver daddy

And here are photos of the guy when he was younger:

charles dera tighty whities

Gotta say, the flag-waving photo below is what made us “fall in love” with him. Haha.

charles dera actor

Stomach in, chest out! At ease, soldier!

charles dera mma fighter

MMA Fighter Watch: Charles Dera as a Male Model (30 April 2010). If you think we’re not going to blog about men in longjohns thermal underwear because of the sizzling summer heat, well you are mistaken because we are gonna blog about Charles Dera in his white long johns underwear.

charles dera long johns underwear

Why can we not? Check out the pic above. You didn’t think we’re not gonna share that with you, no? It’s probably the most awesome photo of a male celebrity in his long johns, ever! Well, okay, maybe it ties with rugby player Nick Youngquest long johns photo in awesomeness.

But we’re not only about long john thermals, we’re also about loincloths for men. For those of you who don’t know, before Charles became an MMA fighter, he was first a Chippendales dancer. Oh, and he was a bonafide soldier too.

charles dera mma fighter soldier

Charles as an MMA fighter:

charles dera shirtless mma fighter

Whatever Happened to Charles Dera? First published 30 April 2010. Last updated: March 26, 2021 at 11:55 am.