Channing Tatum’s Shoes: Five Fingers


Remember the wacky Five Fingers shoes we blogged about earlier? Well, it’s manufacturer’s attempt to conquer the world has begun with these photos of male stripper turned male Supermodel turned movie star Channing Tatum wearing a pair of Five Fingers. You can expect more celebrities to be wearing this silly-looking shoes in the future.

But, then again, maybe it looks silly but is comfortable to wear? We don’t know. Maybe those of you who tried this new product can share your experience wearing it.



Five Fingers Running Shoes: Good or Bad?
12 October 2009


Is the FiveFingers running shoes the next big thing in the world of sports? Or is it going to be a six-month fad that people will make fun of when it’s no longer a must-have “it thing”? You know, sort of like the shoulder pads in the 1980s that our friend Deena used to wear. These days, whenever she looks at her old photos, Deena goes, “Geeze! What were we thinking wearing those atrocious shoulder pads?”

But let’s go back to this FiveFingers thingie which is supposedly designed to mimic how our human ancestors used to run, i.e., barefoot. It looks really strange, no? It reminds us of that documentary about Sasquatches and the silly men who spend their energy and time making fake Sasquatch footprints.

Anyhoo, do you think this will enhance the speed of runners? Because we think it will only catch on if athletes wearing these kind of shoes will start establishing world records; you know, like those record-breaking swimmers in their ridiculous-looking body suits. So these FiveFingers shoes may be bad-looking but if they’re going to help you run faster, then you should go for it.