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Channing Tatum Young, Shirtless, Sweatpants. Of all our imaginary boyfriends, Channing Tatum is the kind who will always get our attention. We kinda forget about him for awhile and then he’s back in the news so we’ll go, “Hey, imaginary boyfriend! How you doin’?”

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Well, apparently, he is doing fine! And he is back in our radar because he is making Magic Mike 3. We do not know how to feel about that because he’s done it twice already but, hey, who are we to complain when he is willing, able, and ready to entertain. Haha.

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Young Channing Tatum Was a Football Jock? Did you know that our Channing was a football star in high school and was voted “most athletic” during his days at Tampa Catholic High School? He even got a football scholarship to Glenville State College but he eventually dropped out.

channing tatum young - high school football star

He went on to do odd jobs such as bricklayer, roofer, broker, department store clerk, and stripper at a local nightclub where he performed as “Chan Crawford”. We embedded the video of him performing as Chan Crawford but we had to remove it for reasons. But there’s a screencap of him in itty bitty underoos which you will find below. Anyhoo, here’s a young Channing from his early modeling days.

channing tatum young model

Channing Tatum Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He is straight but an ally to the LGBT community. In the relationship front, he got married to actress Jenna Dewan in 2009, were blessed with a daughter four years later, but they parted ways in 2009. Anyhoo, here’s Channing and Jenna back when they tied the knot:

channing tatum wedding

Nowadays, our Hollywood A-Lister is reportedly dating Zoe Kravitz who, for her part, used to be married to Karl Glusman who wowed moviegoers in the 2015 Gaspar Noe movie, Love. Check it our if you are in the mood for the real deal. That’s all we are gonna say without annoying Grandma Akita.

channing tatum gay with clifton murray and brandon mclaren in shes the man

Channing Tatum Awards. Did you know that the actor has four Teen Choice Awards? He also won a Peoples’ Choice as well as an MTV Movie Award. We are not surprised that he’s won these many because he is a performer extraordinaire who knows how to please the fans. After all, he did start his entertainment career as a stripper, no?

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He’s a popular fan favorite but he’s also proven that he’s got acting talent too. Proof of this is his performance in the 2014 movie Foxcatcher which earned him awards from the Independent Spirit Awards, the Gotham Independent Spirit Awards, and the Hollywood Film Awards. If you can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Mark Ruffalo and Steve Carrell, it means you are just as talented as them. The trick, we think, is getting the right project which showcases his talent — like Simon Rex in Red Rocket — and a third Magic Mike ain’t it.

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Channing Tatum’s Stripper Video (15 August 2009). Here’s the video of male supermodel turned GI-Joe movie star Channing Tatum during his early days as a real Magic Mike dancer. He’s dancing in his tighty whitie underwear which is fun, fun, fun. Of course, you already know that our Channing was first a male supermodel before he successfully crossed over to the movies.

channing tatum bodybuilder and dancer

Update. Sorry, we had to delete the video because our Grandma Akita says it is too “indelicate”. That’s the real word she used, by the way, so we included the quotes. But she says a screencap is okay (pic on the right). Now, did you know that Channing was an aspiring bodybuilder? That’s him posing during a contest in the left photo.
Some Channing Tatum Underwear Photos. Here are some Channing Tatum underwear pics from when he was a male model. Unfortunately for the thirsty Famewatchers among us, we had to “tone it down” because most of his modeling photos are rather, to borrow the word of Grandma Akita, “indelicate”.

channing tatum underwear photos

channing tatum underwear model

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Channing Tatum is a Shirtless GQ Coverboy (16 July 2009). Male supermodel Channing Tatum appears to be successfully crossing over from the world of modeling (which is kinda niche) to the world of mainstream entertainment. Not a lot of models are able to do that. In fact the only male model we can think of who made a successful transition would be Mark Wahlberg.



Channing is the latest cover boy of GQ Magazine. He starred in the movie Fighting released last April and is co-starring in the GI Joe movie scheduled for release this coming August. How hot is he?


Channing Tatum on Vanity Fair (13 March 2009). Aha. Here’s male Supermodel Channing Tatum portraying our love affair with our automobile. That’s our interpretation of the photos anyways. Oh, we really don’t have to interpret it, right. Anyways, our Channing will be the cover boy of Vanity Fair in April 2009.

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