Chandler Massey Shirtless, Emmy Awards, Girlfriend

Chandler Massey Shirtless, Emmy Awards, Girlfriend. Today in shirtless in jeans, we bring you a young Chandler Massey posing for the photo below. He’s hawt, hawt, hawt ain’t he? However, our friend Kevin insists that we should apologize because, technically, our young Chandler is not really shirtless but is, instead, wearing an open shirt. Our friend is, of course, right! So apologies to you all. Hehe. But we do have shirtless pics of our imaginary beau as you will note below.

Chandler Massey shirtless body

Anyhoo, our favorite Days Of Our Lives actor is currently starring on a Hallmark Christmas movie which started airing this month. You should check it out on the Hallmark Channel.

chandler massey next stop christmas

He tells us more about his role in an interview with “Well, I play Ben Lee. Next Stop, Christmas is about a woman named Angie, played by the amazing Lyndsy Fonseca, who gets on a magical time-traveling Christmas train and goes back to Christmas, past, a Christmas back in 2011, where everything started going wrong for her and her family. And she gets another chance to go back and make things right.”

He adds: “My character, like I said, Ben Lee is one of her best friends growing up, a small-town guy, and I think there was something there between them. Nothing came from it, but he gets a chance to reconnect with her when she’s back in the future.”

Sounds good, no? We’re glad he is getting romantic lead roles because the guy is clearly talented. Did you know that he brought home three acting trophies while playing the LGBT character Will Horton on DOOL? Check him out with two of his three Emmy trophies:

Chandler Massey emmy award trophy

Chandler Massey emmy award

Also, if you want more of Chandler as Will Horton, go check out his DOOL spinoff Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem which is streaming on Peacock.

Chandler Massey Gay or Straight in Real Life? He is straight and is dating actress girlfriend Stephanie Bennett. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds we grabbed from the actor’s Insta (follow him @therealcmassey):

Chandler Massey girlfriend stephanie bennett

Chandler Massey Shirtless Photos. Now, the thirsty hoes among us will not forgive me if I don’t include some shirtless and underwear pics of our Chandler so these ones are for you Famewatcher hoes. First, here are screencaps from DOOL:

Chandler Massey gay boyfriend christopher sean in days of our lives

Chandler Massey underwear boxer shorts

And this one is from his Instagram page (therealcmassey):

Chandler Massey shirtless and peekabo underwear

And some pics of a younger Chandler from back in his 20s. He is 31 now, for those of you wondering.

Chandler Massey underwear - tank top shirt

Chandler Massey young

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