Chad Buchanan Shirtless: Hunter Morgan on Star – Gay or Girlfriend?

Chad Buchanan Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Who is the really hot guy who plays the really hunky quarterback on the new Fox TV series, Star? His name, fellow Famewatcher, is Chad Buchanan. You can also call him Chad James Buchanan. Check him out in his football uniform.

chad buchanan hunter morgan star on fox

We learn more about Chad (and the role he plays) in this report from Deadline about his casting:

Chad Buchanan has landed a recurring role on Fox’s Star. Created by Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghy, Star follows three talented young singers — desperate for a new start and with ambitions of stardom — as they navigate the cut-throat music business.

Buchanan plays Hunter Morgan, a young NFL star. He’s pure charm at first glance. But there’s a dark rage underneath he can’t control. Hunter is the godson of Jahil Rivera (Benjamin Bratt) and a total momma’s boy. He supports his mother in the style to which she’s become accustomed, which is lavish. As for other women, Hunter has a posse of female groupies he treats like playthings – until he meets Star (Jude Demorest). She’ll be the first woman he actually falls in love with. That love will be his undoing.

Buchanan recently guest-starred on Mary + Jane and Jane the Virgin. Buchanan is repped by Don Buchwald & Associates and Mosaic.

What the above report fails to mention is that Chad is also a model. He modeled for big brands such as Versace, Calvin Klein, and the now failing (thankfully) Abercrombie. So do you want some Chad Buchanan shirtless and  underwear modeling photos? Well, here’s our gorgeous guy walking the runway for Versace.

chad buchanan underwear versace

And here’s our Chad during a Calvin Klein presentation in New York. [Want more famous male underwear models?]

chad buchanan underwear by calvin klein

Abercrombie (aka the world’s racist fashion brand) run out of ideas and had our Chad molest himself in front of a mirror. Did we mention Abercrombie is failing? Yay!

chad buchanan gay or straight - abercrombie - shirtless

Chad Buchanan Girlfriend in Real Life? He has a TV-girlfriend on Stars but does Chad have a girlfriend in real life? What is his relationship status? Maybe he is married? Or maybe he is still single and ready to mingle? Well, we do not have the answers for these questions at the moment but we will update this post when we do have them.

Chad Buchanan Gay or Straight? Maybe what he has is a boyfriend? Hehe. We are also clueless on whether our Chad is gay or straight. If we have to guess, we are gonna say he is straight if only because most people, like 9 in 10, are straight. But maybe his gayness score is higher because he is a male model and, according to his IMDB page, he loves theater.

Anyhoo, we also hope to update this page in the future once we have the relevant info.

Let us end this post with some fabulous Chad Buchanan shirtless pics, shall we?

chad buchanan shirtless - hunter morgan