Celio Winter Jackets – French Fashion Style – Martin Pichler

Celio Winter Jackets – French Fashion Style – Martin Pichler. Austrian male model Martin Pichler headlines the Fall Winter 2010 2011 ad campaign of Celio. Celio is a French clothing store established in 1978. Aside from France, Celio operates stores in continental Europe as well as in some Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.

french winter jackets by celio

These Celio outfits actually look great, no? Too bad there is no Celio store where we’reĀ at because it would be cool to buy some of these outfits for our dear hubby. We especially like the military-style hooded jacket above.

celio winter jackets for men

orange jackets for men

We’re liking the orange jacket too. As our dear hubby once told us you need bright colored outfits if you go hiking or camping to a place you are not familiar with. Bright colors like this orange jacket helps in the visibility aspect. Unless of course you are trying to hide in which case it might work during autumn months when the leaves of trees are changing colors.

celio winter jackets

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