Sam Smith Weight Loss: Amelia Freer Style – Before and After

sam smith weight loss before and after photos

Sam Smith Weight Loss: Before and After Photos. Well, we can’t find any such photos yet so we decided to make ’em ourselves. The before photos which we grabbed from the Daily Mail were reportedly taken in Manly beach, Australia at the beginning of the year. The “after” photos are taken from Sam’s Instagram account posted on the 15th and 18th of March (follow him @samsmithworld).

Carson Daly Weight Loss: He Was Fat Then Became Anorexic Thin

carson daily fat and thin

Carson Daly Weight Loss: Before and After Photos. Did you know that Carson Daly, the kinda hot host of The Voice, used to be kinda fat? Then he did some weight loss program or something and became kinda scary thin to the point that bloggers are calling him a manorexic who should eat burgers. Then he might have eaten some burgers but not a lot of ’em because he is now lookin’ good. We didn’t know about all these before because we only “discovered” him when we started watching The Voice. Anyhoo, here’s Carson when he was still what our friend Deena would call “plus size”.

Celebrity Gastric Bypass Surgery – Before and After Photos

diego maradona - before and after gastric bypass surgery

Celebrity Gastric Bypass Surgery: One of the ways people use these days to loss weight is gastric bypass surgery. It’s a drastic measure — the idea of undergoing surgery to lose weight makes us uneasy — but it apparently works well. However, it is not without complications as you can see in the case of Charlie Weis below.