Celebrity Tag Heuer Carrera Watch: Famous Men With Tag Heuer Carrera

Celebrity Tag Heuer Carrera Watch. Which famous celebrity own a Tag Heuer Carrera? As you can see in this post, the list is pretty good. It includes Lewis Hamilton, Brad Pitt, Jim Belushi, Terrence Howard, Denzel Washington, and Jason Statham.

Let us start or Celebrity Tag Heuer Carrera list with: Formula One racing champ Lewis Hamilton and his Tag Heuer Carrera Caliber 16 Day Date watch. More photos of Lewis and his Carrera after the jump.

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celebrity tag heuer carrera lewis hamilton

lewis hamilton tag heuer carrera


Jim Belushi Watch: Tag Heuer Carrera. Who’s that bearded guy wearing a Tag Heuer Carrera wristwatch? That’s funny man Jim Belushi of the funny TV sitcom According to Jim.

celebrity tag heuer carrera jim belushi

Terrence Howard Wears a Tag Heuer Carrera Watch. Here’s talented actor Terrence Howard sporting a Carrera in his movie, The Brave One.

celebrity tag heuer carrera terrence howard

Another pic of the Oscar-nominated actor wearing his Tag Heuer Carrera watch.

celebrities wearing tag heuer carrera terrence howard

Other celebrities who wear Tag Heuer Carrera are: Jason Statham and one of our favorite actors ever, Denzel Washington. Check them out below.

Denzel Washington Watch: Tag Heuer Carrera. Let’s add the double Oscar Award-winning actor Denzel Washington to our list of famous men and celebrities who wear a Tag Heuer Carrrera watch. Others on the list: Jason Statham and NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon.

celebrity tag heuer carrera denzel washington

We love Denzel Washington. He’s an awesome actor and those two Oscars he received are very well deserved. We are soo looking forward to his next movie, Unstoppable.

denzel washington tag heuer watch

Jason Statham’s Tag Heuer Carrera. Check out The Expendables star Jason Statham’s Tag Heuer Carrera watch from his 2006 movie, Crank, where he plays a badass professional assassin.

jason statham celebrity tag heuer carrera

Aside from Jason and the other guys mentioned above, another celebrity whos wear Tag Heuer Carrera include champion NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon.

Brad Pitt’s Tag Heuer Carerra Tachymetre. Brad Pitt used to serve as the spokesperson for Tag Heuer Watch.

celebrity tag heuer carrera brad pitt

Check out these photos of the Tag Heuer Carrera Tachymeter with Brad Pitt aka Mr. Angelina Jolie aka George Clooney’s BFF aka The Hottest Guy in the World aka Our Imaginary Boyfriend.

celebrities wearing tag heuer carrera brad pitt

brad pitt tag heuer carrera

Celebrity Tag Heuer Carrera Watch. Posted 21 August 2010. Updated 29 May 2017.