Celebrities Wearing Puma Jackets: David Beckham’s Blue Jacket

Celebrities Wearing Puma Jackets: David Beckham’s Blue Jacket. Is British footballer David Beckham giving the world a thumbs up because he’s pleased with his blue Puma sports jacket? We think he is. We think he’s saying, “Oh yeah, Puma’s good and comfy!”

celebrity puma sports jacket

Or maybe he’s just being friendly to the pesky papz taking his pics?

puma football jacket

Hey Becks, are you happy to see us?

celebrities wearing puma jackets

Want more Puma sportswear? Check out Sebastian Vettel’s Puma Scuderia Toro Rosso Red Bull Jacket, his Red Bull Replica Puma Rain Jacket, and his Puma Classic Lifestyle Sneakers.

Celebrities Wearing Puma Jackets
26 September 2011

Other celebrities who were seen rocking their fabulous Puma jackets include Polish-Mexican actress Dominika Paleta Paciorek. You may not have heard of her but she has acted in several television shows down south in Mexico. For some reason, she kinda reminds us of Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

celebrity puma jacket

Another female celebrity who was spotted in a Puma jacket is English singer/songwriter Melanie Jayne Chisholm. She’s also called Mel C and you probably know her as Sporty Spice of the 1990s girl band Spice Girls. Did you know that Mel C sold more than 12 million records as a solo artist? That’s a pretty neat achievement which Victoria Beckham can only dream about. [To be fair, Victoria’s fashion line is pretty successful.]

celebrity puma jacket mel c

American model and actor Rick Malambri, star of the 2010 dance movie Step Up 3D, looks cool in his Puma Black Station Taped’ Zip Front Jacket. The jacket is reportedly designed by no less than the Puma founder himself, Rudolf Dassler.

Of course, adult celebrities are not the only ones who wear Puma outfits. Celebrity kids want them their Puma jackets too. Check out for instance Christina Aguilera’s son in his Puma track suit.

Celebrities Wearing Puma Jackets: David Beckham’s Blue Jacket. Posted 11 January 2011. Updated 27 May 2017.