Howard K Stern Mugshot and Drug Arrest

We told you about his arrest. We also told you about the charge filed against him as well as Anna Nicole’s two doctors. Now, we bring you Howard K. Stern’s booking photo. What a sad looking man! Does this picture make you a bit sympathetic with him? Just asking, Famewatchers!

Concert Lawsuits: Andrew Kim vs. Rain + Java Festival vs. NERD

Look who’s got himself sued for not appearing in his own concert? It’s South Korean singer, Rain. Who is suing the Asian superstar? A guy called Andrew Kim who, in a lawsuit filed before the Los Angeles Superior Court, claims that he took a huge financial hit when Rain bailed on his concert. Andrew wants Rain to pay $30,000,000 plus punitive damages.

Charles Barkley Mug Shot: Celebrity DUI Photos

charles barkley mugshot

Charles Barkley Mug Shot. Say what you will of Charles Barkley, he still has the best bald head in the world. It’s almost as good as Yul Brynner’s. Right? Come on, admit it, you want to rub the basketball star’s shiny head, don’t you? We heard its good luck if you rub a baldie. By the way, this is probably the most innocent-looking mugshot we’ve ever seen since we started paying attention to celebrity mugshots.

Eric Hadar vs Richard Hadar: Father vs. Son Lawsuit

Someone should make a TV movie out of the life of real estate tycoon Eric Hadar. He’s got a very interesting life that involves drug charges, custody battles, and a court case against his father. According to the New York Post, Eric, the overseer of a $500 million property portfolio was arrested in October after Yonkers cops stopped him for erratic driving and found cocaine, oxycodone and hundreds of Valium, Xanax and Oxycontin pills in his car.

Ron Strykert of Men at Work: Arrested For Criminal Threats

Ron Strykert of the Australian band, Men at Work, has been arrested by the Los Angeles police and is currently being held in jail for allegedly making criminal threats. The object of his wrath? Someone who lives in his former home in Hollywood. Bond has been set at $50,000 according to TMZ. More…