Celebrity Jockstraps: Alan Ritchson, Rob Lowe, Logan McCree

Celebrity Jockstraps: Alan Ritchson, Rob Lowe, Logan McCree (first posted 13 January 2010). Looking for celebrity jockstraps or photos of famous men who wear jockstrap underwear? Well, here’s a short video of Aquaman Alan Ritchson in his upcoming television series, Blue Mountain State. The jockstrap part starts at 2:36. We will upload the screencaps later when we’re able to fix our uploading issues. Update: Sorry, the video was deleted and no longer works but here are some Alan Ritchson jockstrap photos:

celebrity jockstraps alan ritchson blue mountain state

Want more actors in jockstraps?

celebrity jockstraps alan ritchson

UPDATE 2: Well, since you want more guys in jockstraps underwear, here’s a photo of tattooed adult actor Logan McCree and his grayish jockstrap.

celebrity jockstraps logan mcree2

Do his tattoos kinda remind you a little bit of British actor Wentworth Miller? Here’s Wentworth with his equally awesome tattoos. What would you pay to see Wentworth in his jockies? We’re pretty sure he can give his “tattoo twin” a run for the jockstrap money.

wenthworth miller shirtless

CELEBRITY JOCKSTRAPS UPDATE 3: We decided to look up more jockstrap-wearing male celebrities and these are who we came up with so far: Rob Lowe, one of the hottest guys in the 1980s/90s and Brett Chukerman. First here’s Rob in Youngblood, a movie about a hockey player in small-town Canada who falls in love with his coach’s daughter.

rob lowe jockstrap youngblood

celebrity jockstraps rob lowe underwear jockstrap

But we’re not really interested in the plot of an 80s hockey movie are we? Of course not. We’re only interested in celebrities who wear jockstraps. So here’s another one of ’em: Brett Chukerman.

celebrity jockstraps brett chukerman

Brett is an actor from Chicago, Illinois. According to wikipedia he is “primarily known for his roles in various gay-themed independent movies” such as Eating Out: Sloppy Seconds. We’re guessing that the above photo of him in jockstraps is from said movie. He is kinda cute, isn’t he? He looks a little bit like Tobey Maguire but he is hunkier than Tobey.

Celebrity Jockstraps: Alan Ritchson, Rob Lowe, Logan McCree. Posted 13 January 2010. Last updated: May 11, 2020 at 13:39 pm.