Celebrity Fur Coats: Famous Women Wearing Real or Faux Fur

Celebrity Fur Coats: Famous Women Wearing Fur. Looking for famous women or female celebrities wearing fur coats? Here’s our Famewatcher list of girls who love them their fur outfits. We don’t know if these girls are wearing faux fur or the real deal. And we won’t be surprised if some angry PETA folks picket these celebrities’ homes. Anyhoo, let us begin our list of celebrity fur coats with:

Lindsay Lohan. She may not be looking good in this photo but her pink fur coat looks awesome. Great pick, girl! If only she’s as as discriminating in picking her life choices as she is in picking her pink coat. [Want more winter clothes for women?]

celebrity fur coats - lindsay lohan

Next, in our celebrity fur coats is Pixie Geldof who is seen below battling the very cold London weather with her really awesome greyish fur coat. Hey Pixie, you better be sure that you are wearing faux-fur or else them PETA people and their celebrity allies (such as Khloe Kardashian and Amanda Beard) will go spank your fur-wearing bum. Don’t say you weren’t warned, baby!

celebrity fur coats Pixie Geldof

Angelina Jolie joins our list of female celebrities wearing fur coats. Is she trying to get them PETA activists to go after her? Well, maybe not; this is from the set of her Salt Movie so we’re guessing that Angie’s fur coat is a costume or something.

celebrities wearing fur - angelina jolie

Twilight’s Ashley Greene looks very happy indeed wearing her leopard print fur jacket. Why so happy Ashley girl, did you just get a sextext from your boyfriend Chace?

celebrity fur coat - ashley greene

One of our favorite singers of all time, Aretha Franklin leads a choir choir dressed in her fur coat. This particular outfit may not go to the Smithsonian Museum (where her inauguration hat is reportedly being kept for posterity) but it looks awesome on her. You go, girl!

celebrities wearing fur - aretha franklin

British “glamor” girl Katie Price aka Jordan dresses herself in a fur coat which prompts a Daily Mail writer to compare her to the legendary Sasquatch aka Big Foot. The comparison is a little harsh (okay, maybe its more than a “little” harsh) but the comparison has a basis in fact given Jordan’s actual appearance in the photo and, more importantly, given her much publicized douchebaggy behavior.

celebrities wearing fur coats - katie price

Celebrity Fur Coats published 3 April 2011. Updated 20 February 2017.