Celebrity Eyewear: Men’s Persol Sunglasses Edition

Celebrity Eyewear: Men’s Persol Sunglasses Edition. Today in male celebrity sunglasses, we bring you some actors and singers who were spotted wearing Persol sunglasses. Let’s start with Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron who was spotted wearing a pair of classic Persol 649 sunglasses at the 18th ESPY Awards.

celebrity eyewear mens persol sunglasses zac efron

Hugh Jackman Wearing Persol 2837. Next in our list of famous men spotted wearing Persol (specifically the Persol 2837) is Hollywood A-Lister and the Aussie giant hunk of a man known as Hugh Jackman.

hugh jackman sunglasses mens persol 2837 sunglasses

Johnny Depp’s Persol 649. Johnny Depp wore a 649, similar to the one Zac is wearing in the first picture above, in the 2009 movie Public Enemies where the talented actor played the role of notorious badass bank robber John Dillinger. We’re guessing he’s staking out a bank to clean in the pic.

persol mens sunglasses johnny depp in public enemies

The Persol 649 sunglasses appears to be a favorite among celebrities since Zac and Johhny ain’t the only ones seen wearing them. For instance, here’s Twilight actor Taylor Lautner with a 649 when he was spotted by the papz at the Los Angeles Airport.

celebrities wearing persol glasses taylor lautner

We can also include Irish hunk and Boyzone singer Ronan Keating among the list of male celebrities wearing Persol 649 sunglasses.

celebrity eyewear ronan keating persol 649

Rapper turned successful businessman Jay-Z loves him his Persol 649. Fun fact update: Did you know that as of 2019, Jay Z has a net worth valued at US$ 1 billion? And his business empire isn’t only about music too but is very diversified spanning from clothing lines, beverages, real estate, sport teams, and record labels. He’s a very smart man that we hope other singers/rappers/actors will follow and emulate.

jayz sunglasses persol 649

Is Chris Brown also wearing a Persol 649? Nope, it’s actually a Persol 714 sunglasses. It looks like the 649 but 714 is the foldable version.

celebrity eyewear chris brown mens persol sunglasses 714

Another celebrity who is often seen wearing Persol 714 sunglasses is actor Pierce Brosnan. Here’s the Hollywood zaddy wearing a pair of said foldable glasses during the premiere of his Mama Mia movie.

celebrity eyewear - pierce brosnan persol 714 sunglasses

Wait, did we tell you that the Persol 649 is arguably the most popular Persol in Hollywood? Here’s our imaginary boyfriend and talented actor Benicio del Toro rocking his 649.

Swedish hottie and True Blood vampire Alexander Skarsgard loves him his 649 too. Want more male celebrity sunglasses?

Celebrity Eyewear: Men’s Persol Sunglasses Edition first posted 15 July 2010. Last updated: November 12, 2019 at 16:44 pm.