Neil Hopkins Shirtless, Girlfriend, Lost Eyeglasses

neil hopkins liam pace eyeglasses in lost

Neil Hopkins Shirtless, Girlfriend, Lost Eyeglasses. If there’s ever a “best eyeglass in Hollywood award”, we think it should go to Neil Hopkins who really looked hot wearing his glasses when he appeared in an episode in The Moth episode of Lost. Now, if you’re like us who’ve been wondering where you can buy Neil’s eyeglasses, we are sad to tell you that you won’t be able to do so. The actor tells us why in this 2010 interview with

Michael J Fox Carl Zeiss AG Optical Calendar With Tatjana Patitz

Well played, Carl Zeiss AG, well played. Because of these memorable pics, we will certainly think of you when we have some eye problems. Carl Zeiss, for those of you not familiar with the name, is a German optical company with branches in different parts of the world. It produced these awesome photos featuring Michael J. Fox, who we love love love, and German supermodel Tatjana Patitz. More…

Vintage Sunglasses For Women: Mia Farrow’s Foster Grants

Vintage 1966 print advertisement for Foster Grant sunglasses‘ Who’s Behind That Foster Grant featuring American actress Mia Farrow. [Want more female celebrity sunglasses?]

Probably best known for her movie, Rosemary’s Baby, Mia Farrow has not been active making movies lately but according to IMDB, she is starring in a French movie called “Arthur et la guerre des deux mondes” scheduled for release in France this coming October.