Celebrity Engagement Rings: A-List Celebrities and Tila Tequila

Celebrity Engagement Rings Update.  Over a decade later, how are the A-List celebrities we mentioned below doing when it comes to their relationship with the men they were betrothed with at that time? If you are keeping a scorecard, three of the girls have broken up with their guys while two survived rocky times and are still in a relationship with their significant others.

Here’s how it went: Katie Holmes is no longer with Tom Cruise, JLo is no longer with Marc Anthony, and Eva Longoria is no longer with Tony Parker.

On the other hand, Beyonce is still married to Jay-Z and their marriage troubles appear to have solidified their relationship. The same may be said with Coleen and Wayne Rooney.

As for Tila Tequila, the poor girl has gone on a downward spiral and we are truly sorry for what’s happening to her. We hope she goes for help and recovers.

Celebrity Engagement Rings: A-List Celebrities and Tila Tequila (16 January 2010). Today in celebrity women’s jewelry, we bring you Tila Tequila and her engagement ring with the late Casey Johnson.

Tila may be a skanky girl according to our friend Deena but we actually secretly admire her for her talent for self-promotion. Way to go, girl. Ignore them haters. After all, you’re the one with a glittering engagement ring.

celebrity engagement ring tila tequila

Want more celebrity engagement rings? Check out the following:

Katie Holmes engagement ring from Tom Cruise: It’s a 5-carat, oval-shaped ring, set in platinum and rose gold.

celebrity engagement ring katie holmes

Beyonce’s engagement ring from Jay-Z: It’s an 18-carat diamond set in platinum. How much did lover boy Jay-Z pay for this Lorraine Schwartz emerald-cut diamond ring? It’s reportedly worth a-freakin’ US$ 5 million.

celebrity engagement ring beyonce

Coleen Rooney engagement ring from Wayne Rooney: It’s a ten carat Chopard diamond ring worth £200,000. You gotta convert that to dollars and it’s around US$350,000.

celebrity engagement ring coleen rooney

Eva Longoria engagement ring from Tony Parker: Designed by famous French jewelry designer Jean Dousset, this ring is, “set in white gold, it weighs in at an eye-watering 5 carats, and includes a total of 248 smaller diamonds” according to Marie Claire Magazine.

celebrity engagement rings eva longoria

Jennifer Lopez engagement ring from Marc Anthony: How much is this 8.5 carat square-cut diamond ring? It’s reportedly worth one million dollars.

celebrity engagement rings jennifer lopez

Well, that’s it for now but we will be bringing you more fabulous celebrity engagement rings in the future.

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