Italian Cardigan For Men: Gaudi Menswear For Fall and Winter

We’ve been blogging about mens cardigan for sometime already but this is the first time we blog about cardigans from Italy (aka the Fashion Capital of the World, or is it?). As you may have already guessed, these cardigans are from Gaudi fashion house. The model, as you may have also guessed, is no other than German male model Eugen Bauder. More…

Gucci Cardigan for Men: Spring and Summer Menswear

Stylish men’s cardigan from the Gucci Spring 2011 collection. Which outfit do you like better, the first or the second one?

While we’re on the mood to blog about all things Gucci, let’s throw in a Gucci leather jacket which, of course, leads us to this very important male fashion question: Are you a leather guy or are you a cardigan dude?