Celebrity Breitling Watch: Nine Famous Men Who Wear Breitling Watches

Buzz Aldrin’s Breitling Emergency Watch: The most famous man in the universe, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, goes to play with the puppets of Sesame Street wearing his Breitling Emergency Watch.

buzz aldrin breitling emergency

Here’s a more detailed look at a Breitling Emergency.

celebrity breitling watch emergency

Want another famous guy who was photographed wearing a Breitling Emergency Watch? Check out the sexiest dude alive, i.e., Brad Pitt and his watch below.

Dave Chapelle’s Watch is a Breitling Navitimer: Apparently, American comedian Dave Chapelle loves him his Breitling Navitimer watch too. We’re sure brand ambassador John Travolta will approve of Dave’s “time-teller”.

Celebrity Breitling Watch Dave Chappelle Navitimer

Brad Pitt Owns a Breitling Emergency and an Aerospace: Since we are on the subject of Brad Pitt, we might as well do another post on him and his luxury watches. Here’s a 2007 cover photo of the Hollywood hunk wearing a Breitling Emergency watch. It’s looking pretty cool, isn’t it? Do you think this is cooler than his Breitling Aerospace watch?

Brad Pitt Breitling Watch

Celebrity Breitling Watch Emergency

Now, here’s Mr. Brangelina wearing a Breitling Aerospace watch.

Celebrity Breitling Watch Brad Pitt Aerospace

Harrison Ford’s Breitling Watch is an Aerospace Aviator: What do Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford have in common? They are both Hollywood A-Listers. They are the hottest men of their generation.

Celebrity Breitling Watch harrison ford breitling aerospace

And, for us watch-watchers, they both wear a freaking awesome Breitling Aerospace watch. Take a closer look at this aviator watch below.

Celebrity Breitling Watch posted 9 January 2011. Updated 28 March 2017.