Celebrity Breitling Watch: Nine Famous Men Who Wear Breitling Watches

Celebrity Breitling Watch: Bear Grylls’ Breitling Emergency: Okay Famewatchers, it’s time to blog about celebrities and their luxury watches, don’t you think? So here’s one of our favorite television host Bear Grylls wearing a Breitling Emergency watch.

celebrities wearing breitling watches

What to Bear Grylls and Brad Pitt have in common? The obvious answer is that they’re both handsome shaggable men while the not-too-obvious answer is that they both own a Breitling Emergency watch.

bear grylls breitling emergency watch

celebrity breitling emergency

Read on below to see the other celebrities who wear Breitling watches. You might also check them out brand ambassador John Travolta’s Breitling Navitimer and Leonardo di Caprio’s Breitling Chrono Avenger in the movie, Blood Diamond.

Celebrity Breitling Watch: Super Avenger Watch for Ludacris. If Leonardo di Caprio has his Breitling Chrono Avenger watch, rapper/actor Ludacris, for his part, has a Breitling Super Avenger watch. Who do you think has the better Avenger?

ludacris breitling super avenger

celebrity breitling watch super avenger

Wilmer Valderrama and Tommy Lee Jones’ Breitling Navitimer Watch: Add Wilmer Valderrama and Tommy Lee Jones to your list of male celebrities who wear Breitling watches. Specifically, these two are wearing Breitling Navitimer watch which was also seen on John Travolta.

celebrity breitling watch wilmer navitimer

tommy lee jones breitling navitimer

Take a closer look at the Breitling Navitimer.

wilmer valderrama breitling

celebrity breitling navitimer

Gordon Ramsay’s Breitling Navitimer: Looking for an elegant Swiss watch? Well, check out the bossiest crazy chef that is Gordon Ramsay and his fabulous Swiss watch, the Breitling Navitimer.

celebrities wearing breitling watches gordon ramsay navitimer

gordon ramsay breitling

Let’s take a closer look at this particular watch, shall we?

celebrity breitling watch navitimer

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