Celebrities With Smooth Bodies: Did These Manly Men Get a Bodywax?

Celebrities With Smooth Bodies. We just updated our post on men with chest hair so we gotta update this post about Kellan Lutz having the smoothest chest in show business. As in the other post we linked to, this update is meant to give you more celebrities with smooth bodies.

How did these guys get the “smooth look”? Well, maybe they are born this way. Maybe they just shaved away their body hair. Or maybe, like Simon Cowell they underwent a male body hair removal procedure to get the desired smooth body effect.

Now, we gotta say that we like our men in their natural state, that is, that they leave their body hair unwaxed or unshaved. However, if you have the right muscles in the right places getting rid of your body hair to show off your curves and bulges can be quite appealing too.

Derek Theler. This is what we are talking about. He’s got a six pack and he’s in great shape so its best to go for the hairless look.

celebrities with smooth bodies - derek theler

Olivier Giroud. French football star Olivier Giroud is a hot smoothie!

celebrities with smooth chest - olivier giroud

Kyal Marsh. This Australian actor, model, and gymnast is, sadly, no longer active in the biz according to wikipedia.

famous men with smooth body - kyle marsh

David Bentley. Hmmm, very nice. Another football star with a hairless body.

smooth body celebrities - david bentley

Carlos Pena. Who doesn’t want a man in Speedo swimsuit?

celebrities with smooth chests


Celebrities With Smooth Bodies: Did Kellan Lutz Get A Body Wax? (published 14 June 2010). Body hair removal continues to be all the rage in Hollywood as you can see in Twilight star Kellan Lutz’s hair-free and really smooth upper body.
celebrities with smooth chests - kellan lutz

Did he shave his body hair? Or waxed it a-la Simon Cowell? Did he have a Brazilian gal (or gal) remove them pesky hair? And if so, did the gal/guy also waxed Kellan’s unwanted hair in the lower regions. Ack, too many questions. For all we know, them Men’s Health magazine peeps just airbrushed Kellan’s body hair away?

celebrity smooth body - kellan lutz

Celebrities With Smooth Bodies originally posted 14 June 2010. Update 13 February 2017.