Celebrities With Bentley Cars

Celebrities With Bentley Cars. Not surprisingly, our boy David Beckham isn’t the only famous celebrity who own a Bentley. We were supposed to include this post as an update on our post on the soccer superstar but the number of Bentley owners in this list just kept increasing so we decided to do a separate write-up altogether.

So Carwatchers, here’s a list of nine more Bentley owners like Jay-Z who famously featured his Bentley Azure convertible on the cover of his album, Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life. Check it out:

celebrities with bentley bentayga jay-z

Next up is British superstar Elton John who used to own a Bentley Continental. It then passed on to Lord Sugar who passed it on to someone else. The car is being auctioned off but we’re not sure if someone finally brought it home:

celebrities with bentley continental - elton john

Third next is the controversial Bentley Continental gifted by Quavo to his then girlfriend Saweetie. What makes it controversial? Well, the couple broke up and Quavo repossessed the car and then reportedly sold it in an auction. We do not know if he’s being petty or just being financially responsible. What do you think? Want more celebrity cars?

celebrities with bentley continental saweetie and quavo

Who says only ships got to be named? Certainly not British rocker Keith Richards who famously called his Bentley Continental as the Blue Lena:

celebrities with bentley bentayga keith richards blue lena

Jennifer Lopez, who is one of the very few legit triple threat — she acts, sings, and dances and she does all things well — in Hollywood, was seen and photographed by the papz driving her Bentley:

celebrities with bentley car - jennifer lopez2

And here’s Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria who is seen in the pic below getting her Bentley filled up at a service station:

celebrities with bentley cars eva longoria

Hey look, it’s Mr Ironman himself, Robert Downey Jr, and his Bentley:

celebrities with bentley car - robert downey jr

Cricket global superstar Virat Kohli and actress wife Anushka Sharma own a Bentley Continental as well as a Bentley Flying Spur. Here’s a photo of the couple and their Continental taken at the height of the pandemic:

celebrities with bentley cars virat kohli and anushka sharma

Last but not the least in our list of celebrities with Bentley cars is none other than the late Kobe Bryant who’s seen here with his car:

celebrities with bentley cars - kobe bryant

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