Celebrities Who Wear Rolex GMT Master II Watch

Celebrities Who Wear Rolex GMT Master II Watch. Clearly, the Rolex GMT Master Watch is a favorite among celebrities.

It’s the watch of choice for some of the world’s revolutionaries (see Fidel Castro’s Rolex and Che Guevara’s GMT Master Rolex Watch). It’s the watch of heroes (see Chuck Yeager below). And its the pick of movie tough guys and action stars (see below Clint Eastwood, Daniel Craig, Keanu Reeves, Tom Selleck, etc.) as well as our original French crush Gerard Depardieu.

Why do celebrities love the Rolex GMT Master II? Well, if you travel as much as these famous people, you would also love it’s time zone capabilities. In fact, in the words of rolex.com, the GMT Master II is “the ultimate reference chosen by serious travellers and professionals who fly the world”.

Anyhoo, here’s our list of celebrities who wear Rolex GMT Master II Watches.

Daniel Craig. We’ve already seen Daniel Craig’s Rolex Datejust, now let’s check out his other Rolex watches. Like Brad Pitt, our Daniel apparently has a collection of Rolex watches. First, here’s Daniel going for a run with his Rolex GMT Master.

celebrities who wear Rolex GMT - daniel craig

Now here’s Daniel and his Rolex Submariner Watch.

daniel craig rolex submariner watch

And finally, a customized Rolex via Project X Designs Limited Edition.

daniel craig rolex watch limited edition project x

Clint Eastwood. Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood is wearing a GMT Master while talking on the phone during a scene.

Clint Eastwood Rolex GMT Master II Watch

Like Daniel, he also wears Rolex Datejust as seen below. [Related: Celebrities Rolex Datejust Watches]

celebrities who wear Rolex GMT - clint eastwood

Gerard Depardieu. Our favorite French actor Gerard Depardieu apparently is a Rolex fan. We love, love, love his picture below which is obviously inspired by Rodin’s The Thinker.

Gerard-Depardieu Rolex GMT Master

In case you are wondering, our Gerard is wearing a Rolex GMT Master Watch. More photos of our favorite French guy and his Rolex watches below.

Gerard Depardieu Rolex Watch

french celebrities wearing rolex gerard depardieu

Chuck Yeager. Here are some photos of Air Force hero General Chuck Yeager wearing his Rolex watch.

chuck yeager rolex watch gmt master

Ain’t he a sweetheart?

celebrities wearing rolex gmt master ii chuck yeager

A younger version of General Chuck — and his Rolex GMT — when he was active flying them badass airplanes.

celebrities wearing rolex gmt master ii young chuck yeager

celebrities who wear Rolex GMT - chuck yeager

Keanu Reeves. Internet favorite and ageless action star Keanu Reeves wore a Rolex GMT Master in the 2008 movie Street Kings.

celebrities who wear Rolex GMT keanu reeves

Keanu Reeves Rolex GMT Master Coke

Other celebrities spotted with Rolex GMT Masters include: Benicio del Toro as Che Guevara, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gold GMT Master watch, and cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Tom Selleck. Also known as The Only Hollywood Actor Who Rocks His Moustache, Tom Selleck looks like he’s rocking his Pepsi GMT Master watch too.

tom selleck rolex gmt master

Another photo of Mr. Selleck looking like an awesome badass dude with The Moustache and his GMT Master watch.

celebrities wearing gmt master tom selleck

Lance Armstrong. Cycling cheat Lance Armstrong is a bad guy who destroyed the lives of others but you gotta give him credit for having good taste in his watch picks.

Dustin Hoffman. Dustin wore a Rolex GMT Master II Watch in the 1976 movie Marathon Man.

George Eads. We’ve seen George Eads’ tuxedo suit, now let’s check out these screen-caps from his highly-rated show CSI where he wears Rolex GMT Master.

celebrities who wear rolex gmt watch - george eads

That’s it for now Rolex Celebrity Watchers!

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