Celebrities Wearing YSL Men Sunglasses and Eyewear

Celebrities Wearing YSL Men Sunglasses and Eyewear. Jesse Metcalfe isn’t the only famous celebrity who loves him his YSL mens sunglasses. Let’s check out the other YSL sunglasses celebrity fans, shall we? First, here’s Tinie Tempah rocking his sunglasses while sharing a private plane ride with Calvin Harris.

ysl mens glasses - tinie tempah with calvin harris

In the next image below, rapper Fabolous looks fabulous with his YSL dark glasses. Pic is from an interview with Xirius-XM. Specifically, Fabolous is wearing a YSL 2297 sunglasses. Want more Male Celebrity Sunglasses?

ysl mens sunglasses - fabolous

Another famous celebrity spotted wearing a pair of YSL mens sunglasses is living legend John Legend.

celebrities wearing ysl mens sunglasses - john legend

British actor Jude Law wore this Bold 1 Saint Laurent sunglasses during last year’s premiere of his HBO drama The Young Pope at the Venice Film Festival.

Finally, last but not the least in our list of celebrities wearing YSL mens sunglasses is reality star Scott Disick.

So which of the above famous guys is rocking his YSL sunglasses? All of them?

Jesse Metcalfe’s YSL Mens Sunglasses (02 August 2010). American hunk actor Jesse Metcalfe graces the cover of this month’s Malaysian August magazine. His YSL designer glasses co-stars in the above pic. What do you think of YSL sunglasses? Did you ever buy one for yourself? How much did you pay for it or how much are you willing to pay for a pair of YSL?

ysl mens sunglasses jesse metcalfe

Before we ask more silly questions, here’s our Jesse looking cute, well-groomed, and shaggable as always.

celebrities wearing ysl mens sunglasses

The caption in the above picture goes: Sweatshirt by Dior Homme. Jeans by G-Star Raw. Sunglasses by YSL. Boots by Vintage.

Jesse Metcalfe’s Black Leather Jacket (07 January 2010).American actor Jesse Metcalfe [aka John Rowland in the TV hit Desperate Housewives] is looking good in his black leather jacket, no?

jesse metcalfe leather jacket

Another pic of him in leather below.

jesse metcalfe leather jacket shirtless

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