Celebrities Wearing Wrangler Denim Jackets: David Beckham and Co

celebrities wearing wrangler denim jackets

Celebrities Wearing Wrangler Denim Jackets: David Beckham. Now Renaissance Man Tony Ward has some company in the “I’m Wearing Wrangler Denim Jacket” department. Tony, meet David Beckham and his Wrangler Blue Bell Destroyed Denim Jacket. We’re not sure if he is annoyed in this photo but he’s got that “What are you looking at” look. Anyhoo, here’s a closer look at the Wrangler Blue Bell Denim Jacket. It would be a good addition to your closet, no?

david beckham wrangler denim jacket

Celebrity Fans of Wrangler Denim Jackets (21 August 2011). Of course David Beckham is not the only famous person out there who loves him his Wrangler denim jackets. Other famous celebrities – from Irish singing hunk Bono to American beauty Olivia Wilde – are fans of the brand too. Let’s check them out, shall we?

Bono in Wrangler 47 Denim Shirt/Jacket: The male version of Angelina Jolie aka Bono (real name Paul David Hewson) was spotted during a meet-and-greet wearing a Wrangler 47 denim jacket.

mens denim jacket bono in wrangler

Justin Timberlake in a Bartack Denim Jacket: During a promo for the 2010 movie, Yogi Bear, boybander-turned-respectable-actor Justin Timberlake was spotted wearing a Wrangler Men’s Bartack Denim Jacket. Those of you who watched the movie might already know that Justin is the voice of Booboo, one of the lead bear character.

wrangler denim jacket for men justin timberlake

Olivia Wilde in Wrangler Denim Jacket: Olivia Wilde, leading lady of the last movie we watched on the big screen (i.e., Cowboys and Aliens) is seen wearing this fabulous Wrangler jacket during the premiere of the 2009 sports comedy movie, Whip It.

girls denim jacket olivia wilde wearing wrangler

Chloe Sevigny in Wrangler Vintage Jacket: Golden Globe Award-winning actress Chloe Sevigny is snapped by the paparazzi wearing a classic Wrangler denim jacket. Except for the jacket, the rest of her look is a disaster isn’t it? Do you know any more famous men and women who wear Wrangler denim jackets? If you do, add their names in the comment section so we will include them when we update this post.

womens denim jacket chloe sevigny

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