Celebrities Wearing Swedish Hasbeens

Celebrities Wearing Swedish Hasbeens. So after we posted Kimmy Schmidt wearing Swedish has beens, we wondered whether there are celebrities out there who love and wear the brand. Turns out it ain’t only the “unsophisticated” Kimmy who wears Swedish Hasbeens.

In real life, fashion trendsetters such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Williams, Kristen Bell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and many others love them their Swedish Hasbeens too. Here’s fashion queen Sarah Jessica Parker rocking her Swedish Hasbeens.

celebrities wearing swedish hasbeens - sarah jessica parker

And here’s Kylie Minogue wearing a pair of Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe Sandals.

celebrities wearing swedish hasbeens - kylie minogue

And here’s Naomi Watts hailing a taxi (we think) while wearing a pair of Swedish Hasbeens Women’s Sky High Slip In Clog.

celebrities wearing swedish hasbeens - naomi watts

Of course, let’s not forget the delightful Ellie Kemper (who plays Kimmy Schmidt) in our list of celebrities wearing Swedish Hasbeens.

kimmy schmidt shoes - swedish hasbeens lacy sandals

Who says Kimmy is a unsophisticated provincial lass with no fashion sense? If Queen SJP is wearing Swedish Hasbeens as Kimmy does, it means Kimmy is pretty cool, right? Anyhoo, here’s Kimmy wearing her Swedish Hasbeens Fredrica Platform Sandals. [Related: Kimmy Schmidt Bags and Shoes.]

kimmy schmidt shoes - swedish hasbeens fredrica platform sandals

So how much would you have to pay if you want a pair of Swedish Hasbeens Fredrica Platform Sandals? The price tag is listed at 135 euros so its not as pricey as them Jacqueline White shoes. Hehe.

So why is Swedish Hasbeens popular among celebrities? Probably because of the awards the brand has received and maybe because it is made in the old traditional way? From the brand’s website:

They are still handmade with respect for people and the environment in the old traditional way, and in small factories that have made shoes for decades. Our production methods and material are kind to nature and people. Happy toffels make happy people.

The shoes of the Swedish fashion brand Swedish Hasbeens were chosen as the trend of the year in Sweden at the annual Trend Award Gala 2008 in Stockholm.

During 2009 Swedish Hasbeens have become one of Sweden’s fastest growing fashion brands and now sells in 20 countries.

ShoeWatchers, are any of you wearers of Swedish Hasbeens? How are you loving/not loving them? Care to share your review in the comments?