Celebrities Wearing Superman Underwear Briefs and Boxers

Celebrities Wearing Superman Underwear Briefs and Boxers. Want more guys rocking their Superman underwear? Of course you do! Our friend Deena wants more. Our pal Kevin wants more. Everybody wants more! Even Oprah wants more famous men wearing Superman briefs underwear. Okay, we don’t know for sure about whether Oprah is even interested in Superman undies but what we said about Kevin and Deena is absolutely, a hundred percent, undeniably correct. They want more hot guys wearing Superman briefs so we are giving it to them.

Let’s start our list of celebrity Superman underwear “wearers” with the bespectacled cutie that is Nick Roux. How cute is he? We first saw him on the kids/teen show Wizards of Waverly Place but he has since moved on to other projects such as Jane by Design and Pretty Little Liars.

celebrities wearing superman underwear - nick roux

Of course, we can’t publish a post on celebrity Superman underwear without including British actor John Barrowman to the list. Check him out showing off his Superman boxers to his fans. Now, if you are a fan of hot guys wearing Superman undies, be sure you check out our post on Superman Underwear for Men.

celebrities wearing superman underwear - actor john barrowman

Not unexpectedly, lots of MMA fighters love them their Superman briefs. For instance, check out Dennis Hallman wearing his blue Man of Steel briefs.

celebrity superman underwear - athlete Dennis Hallman mma fighter

Bald MMA fighting hottie Seth Petruzelli posing in his Superman underwear during a weigh-in.

celebrity superman underwear - mma fighter Seth Petruzelli

Anyone of you know the boxer guy below wearing a pair of Superman boxer briefs underwear? If you happen to know his name, please ID him in the comments. Update: We got a name for the cutie. Yay! He is a French boxer named Salim Larbi. Pic is from the weigh-in before his boxing bout vs. Czech boxer Lukáš Konečný who went on to win their fight.

superman boxer shorts underwear - boxer weigh-in

American mixed martial artist Sam Alvey shows off his guns during a weigh-in.

celebrity superman underwear - mma fighter sam alvey

Of course, guys in combat sports aren’t the only athletes who love them some Superman underwear. Football players like Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer love them their Superman underoos too.

mens superman underwear - football athlete Manuel Neuer

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