Celebrities Wearing Superdry Leather Jackets

Celebrities Wearing Superdry Leather Jackets (posted 5 Feruary 2011, updated below). We’ve seen Hollywood’s next “It Guy” Zac Efron wearing an Ever Oblow Lambskin leather jacket in 17 Again. We also saw him rocking a Gucci leather jacket.

Now, check out the prettiest boy in Tinseltown wearing a Superdry leather hoodie jacket. Huh, did we say he’s the prettiest boy in Hollywood? Yeah, sorry Taylor Lautner, you’ve got great abs and all but Zac gets the “prettiest” title.

celebrities wearing superdy leather hoodie

Where you headed to, Zac? Wanna check out more celebrity leather jackets?

celebrities wearing superdry leather jacket - zac efron

David Beckham: As we mentioned elsewhere in this blog, English footballer David Beckham deserves the credit for popularizing Superdry. According to some reports, the company behind Superdry didn’t have to spend money on creating public awareness for the brand because when the hunky footballer was seen wearing a Superdry leather jacket, people took notice.

celebrities wearing superdry leather jacket david beckham

The media reported on what he’s wearing, other celebrities saw what he’s wearing and began getting one for themselves and, not surprisingly, consumers also started buying themselves their own Superdry leather jackets. So you can say that Superdry is one heck of a lucky brand who got made because of a celebrity.

But, of course, we should not also forget the fact that Superdry leather jackets are cool and well made, “qualities” which attracted Beckham to the brand in the first place.

Justin Bieber: Aside from Zac Efron and David Beckham, another celebrity who’s seen wearing a Superdry Leather Jacket is Canadian Supertot (sorry, we can’t help it) singer Justin Bieber. Check him out below wearing one during a concert performance.

celebrities wearing superdry leather hoodie justin bieber

Harry Shum Jr. Glee hunk Harry Shum (aka Mike Chang) is looking cute and kissable in his Superdry Club 65 leather jacket, isn’t he? Have you seen this dude’s abs? We think he can give The Situation a run for his money.

celebrities wearing superdry leather jacket harry shum

So what’s special about the Superdry Club 65 leather jacket? Well, for one, it’s made of distressed leather which makes it more visually appealing. This distressed leather jacket is for those of us who like our outfits look aged, weathered, and broken in. Our dad does not understand the appeal of distressed leather (or other kinds of distressed clothes) and often goes: “Why buy a new outfit that looks old? It doesn’t make sense!” For his part, our kid brother Don usually goes, “They’re cool, man! Who likes to buy shiny, sparkly leather?”

celebrities wearing superdry leather jacket harry shum glee actor

We usually side with Don because we also like distressed outfits. Maybe it’s a generational thing? Our dad must have been “conditioned” to like the flashiness of the 1970s and, especially, the 80s so he likes his new leather in their pristine, virgin state.

But he does have a point when he asks, “Why do you kids buy new clothes that look old?” Maybe some of you Fellow Famewatchers can help us explain it to him? What say you?

Celebrities Wearing Superdry Leather Hoodie Jackets. Posted 5 February 2011. Last updated: July 23, 2020 at 15:24 pm.