Rolex Lady Datejust Celebrity Brand Ambassadors

Rolex Lady Datejust Celebrity Ambassadors Sophie Mautner

ROLEX LADY DATEJUST CELEBRITY AMBASSADORS. Sophie is a child prodigy who started playing piano at the age of five. She trained under Karl-Heinz Kammerlig when she was eight years old following the recommendation of Ingeborg Wunder, a professor at the Music Conservatoire in Berlin. Sophie won a German Echo-Klasik prize in 1996 for her debut CD released under the Sony label.

Celebrities Wearing Rolex Day-Date Watches

celebrities wearing rolex day-date watches - eminem

CELEBRITIES WEARING ROLEX DAY-DATE WATCHES. Ahyhoo, here’s a small anecdote (via Eminem Fan Forum) about how our rapper supposedly one of his Rolex watches: “EM got his Rolex watch from Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope Records. 1 day, he was playing around and started complaining about how Kid Rock got a Rolex for Christmas and all he got was some free CDs to give to his cousins. So yeah, they gave EM a Rolex and he was happily surprised.”

David Beckham Rolex Watch: Sea Dweller DEEPSEA Watch

david beckham rolex watch

David Beckham Rolex Watch. Apart from Ashton Kutcher and Charlize Theron, another famous celebrity who’s been spotted wearing a Rolex Sea Dweller DEEPSEA watch is British footballer David Beckham. He loves his Rolex so much he wears it during formal events where he has to suit up or during informal ones such as when he’s signing autographs for his fans.

Sylvester Stallone Watch Collection: Rolex and Panerai

sylvester stallone watch - rolex submariner

Sylvester Stallone Watch Collection: Rolex Submariner. Is this a Rolex Submariner ad featuring action star Sylvester Stallone. Or maybe he’s advertising a brand of coffee? Nah. He’s advertising the Rolex thing. And then he went on to have a lot of botox. Hehe.

Dalai Lama Rolex Watch: Yellow Gold Day Date

dalai lama watch repair

Dalai Lama Rolex Watch. Buyers will buy a Dalai Lama Rolex watch for much more money if they know that the piece was once repaired by the man himself. So instead of paying “only” five hundred grand, we are pretty sure they won’t mind buying it for a million bucks because the Dalai Lama took care of and repaired the timepiece! So haters who insist that the Dalai Lama should sell his watches now should go eff themselves.