Celebrities Wearing Rolex Explorer Watches

Celebrities Wearing Rolex Explorer Watches. What do Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Orlando Bloom, and Ellen Degeneres have in common? They are all Hollywood A-Listers and they all were spotted, at one time or another, wearing Rolex Explorer watches.

Ellen Degeneres: Check out Ellen’s Rolex Explorer below. We don’t know the girl with Ellen but we’d like to think she’s clapping because the popular TV host/comedian is wearing a Rolex watch.

ellen degeneres rolex explorer watch

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Celebrity Rolex Yacht-Master Watch: Famous People Wearing Rolex Yacht-Master

Celebrity Rolex Yacht-Master Watch: Famous People Wearing Rolex Yacht-Master. In the words of rolex.com, a Rolex Yacht-Master Watch is “the ultimate reference chosen by professionals who sail the world”. Of course you don’t really have to be a sailor to buy yourself a Yacht-Master.

Before we look at celebrities seen wearing Rolex Yacht-Master Watches, you might first watch to watch this review of the Rolex Yacht-Master 16622.

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World Leaders Who Wear Rolex Watch

World Leaders Who Wear Rolex Watches. Who of your favorite world leaders were spotted wearing a Rolex watch? Here’s a compilation of our previous posts on the subject. We will update the list later on as we see more Rolex-wearing world leaders. Note that we decided to not include other people in this compilation because we already have separate posts on them. Check for instance our post on  John F. Kennedy’s Rolex Watch as well as our post on Che Guevarra’s Rolex.

Dalai Lama. What do the Dalai Lama and Richard Gere have in common? Well, they both wear a Rolex Datejust, that’s what! End of story! Right?

world leaders who wear rolex - dalai lama

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David Beckham Rolex Watch: Sea Dweller DEEPSEA Watch

David Beckham Rolex Watch. Apart from Ashton Kutcher and Charlize Theron, another famous celebrity who’s been spotted wearing a Rolex Sea Dweller DEEPSEA watch is British footballer David Beckham. He loves his Rolex so much he wears it during formal events where he has to suit up or during informal ones such as when he’s signing autographs for his fans.

david beckham rolex deepsea

For more celebrities with Rolex watches, check out our post on these Celebrity Rolex Daytona Fans as well as our post on Celebrities Who Wear Rolex GMT Master II.

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