Celebrities Wearing Piaget Watches: Brand Ambassadors & Famous Fans

Celebrities Wearing Piaget Watches. We decided to update this post to identify more celebrities seen wearing Piaget timepieces. Let us start the update with:

Rihanna. A Piaget Polo Gold Watch “co-starred” with Rihanna in her “Take a Bow” music video released back in 2008.

Celebrities Wearing Piaget Watches - Rihanna

Ryan Reynolds is a brand ambassador for Piaget. [See Ryan Reynolds Piaget Watch.]

celebrities wearing piaget watches - ryan reynolds

Taylor Lautner with Piaget North American President Larry Boland.

celebrities wearing piaget watch - taylor lautner

Jeremy Renner wore a Piaget Altiplano Chronograph watch to the premiere of the movie Arrival. What’s the price tag for this watch? A cool $28,600!

celebrities wearing piaget watches - jeremy renner

Michael B. Jordan wore a Piaget Altiplano 38mm watch in rose gold to the Producers Guild of America Award where he is one of the presenters. How much is this watch? You can have it for $15,200.

celebrities wearing piaget watches - michael b jordan

The talented actor visited the Swiss watchmaker’s headquarters.

michael b jordan piaget watch

Sam Heughan, star of Outlander, sports an ultra-thin Piaget Altiplano 38mm watch. Price tag? It’s $16,200, baby!

celebrities wearing piaget watches - sam heaughan


Fernando Torres’ Piaget Watch is a Flyback Chronograph Polo FortyFive (18 September 2010): You’ve seen Spanish footballer Fernando Torres go shirtless, now let’s check him out as he poses with a high-end luxury watch, Piaget given to him by them Piaget executives.

Fernando and Piaget executives.

We don’t know if this means that Fernando is a brand ambassador for Piaget but here’s the media release from Piaget regarding this event:

Philippe Léopold Metzger, the CEO of Piaget, and Moisés Chocrón, the Director General of Chocrón Joyeros, which distributes the Piaget brand in Madrid and Ceuta, presented the first Piaget Polo FortyFive watch available in Spain to Fernando Torres, a member of Liverpool FC and of the Spanish national football team. The presentation took place on Friday, 29th May at the Chocrón boutique in Madrid.

Chocrón Joyeros and Fernando Torres enjoy a close bond of friendship.

In addition, the Liverpool FC footballer, who has scored some fifty goals for his club in scarcely two years, shares several common values with Piaget.

“Always do better than necessary” is the catchphrase of the founder of the celebrated watchmaking brand. The Spanish striker’s dazzling career is characterised by this desire to excel and surpass personal limits, which are equally dear to Piaget.

30 years ago, the brand broke new ground with the release of a sport-chic watch, the now legendary Piaget Polo.

Leon Lai’s Piaget Watch. Let us add Hong Kong superstar to our list of celebrities wearing Piaget watches. That’s an elegant Piaget Polo 45 Watch, no?

A closer look at this watch.

Sienna Miller: Piaget Possession Ladies Watch. Actress Sienna Miller poses with her Piaget Possession ladies watch.

What do singer Rihanna, actor Taylor Lautner, footballer Fernando Torres, and model Sienna Miller have in common? They all wear Piaget watches. Good taste people, you’ve all got good taste in your choice of watches.

Random Model For Piaget Possession. What’s with the “Basic Instinct” woman-killer vibe in this ladies watch ad for Piaget Possession Celebration?

Maybe they’re telling us that the woman is “possessed” by the spirit of the watch? We kinda don’t get it, to be honest. Good thing the watch itself looks classy and elegant and timeless.

Celebrities Wearing Piaget Watches published on 18 September 2010. Last updated: January 28, 2020 at 6:09 am.