Celebrities Wearing Omega Watch: George Clooney

Celebrities Wearing Omega Watch: George Clooney. What watch is George Clooney wearing in the picture above? It’s an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch. Here’s a close-up and some technical details on the watch.

george clooney omega brand ambassador

Now, let us take a closer look at this George Clooney Omega Seamaster watch, shall we? Technical info below.

Technical details (Crystal: Domed anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal; Case: Steel; Dial: Black; Water resistance: 600 m (2000 feet); Size: Gents; Case Diameter: 42 mm)

George, as you may already know, is one of the celebrity ambassadors of Omega watch. Check out these adverts featuring him. Cool dude, huh?

Celebrities With Omega Seamaster Watches? (28 October 2011). So who among the world’s famous men can be called “watch buddies” of George Clooney? Well, there’s a lot of them in fact the second most powerful man in the world (U.S. Vice President Joe Biden) also wears an Omega Seamaster watch so he’s kind of a “watch buddy” with Mr. Clooney.

Technically however, Biden and Clooney are wearing two different models. Clooney’s watches above are Omega Seamaster Planet Oceans while Biden’s watch is actually an Omega Seamaster Professional.

Incidentally, if you are wondering if The Future King of the United Kingdom wears an Omega watch, the answer is a big fat yet. In fact, Prince William’s Omega watch is the same as Vice President Biden’s. Here’s the Prince wearing an Omega Seamaster Professional.

So, if we’re being technical, the “watch buddies” are actually the U.S. Vice President and the future U.K. King since both of them got an Omega Seamaster Professional.

But before you’d go thinking that George Clooney has no “watch buddies”, well, here are three Hollywood celebrities who wear Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watches.

Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks is a “Planet Ocean” guy.

Another celebrity spotted wearing a Planet Ocean is actor Mark Harmon of the CBS television hit series, NCIS. [Want to see Mark Harmon’s Underwear?]

Another famous personality who obviously loves him his Planet Ocean is British television host Jeremy Clarkson.

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