Celebrities Wearing Maternity Dress by Paulina

Celebrities Wearing Maternity Dress by Paulina (first posted 15 September 2010, updated). Kelly Rutherford in Paulina Neverending Story: American actress Kelly Rutherford is looking super-fabulous in her chic maternity dress by Paulina.

The dress is cutely called, Neverending Story.

paulina maternity dress kelly rutherford

Let’s take a closer look at this immaculate dress below.

paulina maternity dress celebrity fans

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More Celebrities Wearing Paulina Maternity DressĀ (posted 04 April 2012, updated). Here are other famous pregnant women who we can include to our list of celebrity fans of Paulina Maternity dress.

Jennifer Garner aka Mrs. Ben Affleck is wearing a pair of Paulina maternity trousers in the photo below.

paulina maternity dress jennifer garner

Of course Paulina makes fabulous jackets for pregnant ladies too. Here’s a very preggy Jessica Alba in a Paulina jacket.

jessica alba paulina maternity dress

Australian beauty and talented Hollywood actress Naomi Watts in a denim skirt by Paulina Maternity.

paulina maternity dress naomi wats

Former fashion model-turned-successful actress Rebecca Romijn in a Paulina maternity shirt.

celebrities wearing paulina maternity dress

Last but not the least of our Paulina-loving celebrity moms is Tori Spelling seen here with husband Dean McDermott. Like Rebecca above, Tori is wearing a Paulina maternity shirt.

tori spelling wears paulina maternity dress

Why are your favorite celebrities loving them their Paulina maternity outfits? We guess its because they are comfortable. We haven’t tried them ourselves but they look very comfy on these preggies.

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Celebrities Wearing Maternity Dress by Paulina. Posted 15 September 2010. Last updated: July 17, 2020 at 16:19 pm.