Celebrities Wearing Gucci Jackets, Blazers, or Coats

Celebrities Wearing Gucci Jackets, Blazers, or Coats (originally posted 16 September 2010, updated). Wow! Hello there Sarah Jessica Parker! You look fierce in that Resort blazer by Gucci. You’re working it, working it, girl.

Are you trying to give the runway model a run for her money? You sure can give her some stiff competition. Speaking of competition, we heard you were mean to your SATC co-star Kim Cattrall. Is it true you rented a condo or something during a group vacation (or is it shooting) and purposely did not invite her while inviting the other girls. That’s not very becoming of you. Hehe.

Still, you do look great in your Gucci.

Celebrities Wearing Gucci Jackets sarah jessica parker

A female runway model wearing SJP’s Gucci blazer.

Another famous female celebrity who was spotted wearing a Gucci Resort blazer is the Queen of the Twilight Vampires herself, Kristen Stewart. Oh wait, she’s not actually a vampire, is she? You could tell we, like our idol Craig Ferguson, do not watch that silly movie franchise about non-frightening, vegetarian, emo vampires.

Celebrities Wearing Gucci Jackets

Oops, we uploaded a model wearing the Gucci blazer instead of Kristen. But our second attempt to upload her pic should work well, no? Here you go.

Celebrities Wearing Gucci Jackets kristen stewart

Gucci Women’s Coats and Jackets for Fall/Winter 2011 (08 September 2011). All we’re going to say with these coats and jackets from the House of Gucci is “Wow! Wow! Wow!” We know we say “fabulous” a lot here at Famewatcher but this is one of the times we mean it. Hehe. We’re very impressed by this collection.

Heck, we’re not even what you’d call “fur lovers” but we see ourselves wearing these fabulous Gucci fur coats.

Come on girls, tell us we’re not the only ones in love with the above Fall/Winter Collection?

Gucci Jackets for the Ladies: Spring/Summer 2012 Resort Collection. We are not as wowed with the label’s Resort Collection for Spring Summer 2012 but we are loving its simplicity and cleanliness.

Here’s our favorite from the Spring/Summer Gucci Resort Collection!

Celebrities Wearing Gucci Jackets, Blazers, or Coats. First posted 16 September 2010. Last updated: July 20, 2020 at 5:23 am.