Celebrities in Vera Wang Dresses: Spring Summer, Fall Winter Collection

Celebrities in Vera Wang Dresses: Spring Summer, Fall Winter Collection. The beautiful Mariska Hargitay, of the NBC hit Law and Order: SVU, is looking regal in her elegant Vera Wang strapless dress. Did you know that Mariska is 5′ 7½” (1.71 m) tall? We thought she was a “giantess” because she looked like one when she appeared on Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D List. Maybe Kathy is a very short girl then?

celebrities in vera wang dresses

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More Celebrities Wearing Vera Wang
16 November 2011

Vera Wang is one of the best designers today and is one of the most popular so its no surprise that a lot of celebrities are seen wearing her creations on the red carpet, on their wedding days, and on their magazine covers. Check out these famous women in Vera Wangs.

Hollywood A-Lister Sandra Bullock glows in a Vera Wang Red Strapless Dress she wore to last February’s Academy Awards. What do you think of the gown? Looks good but it kinda looks stiff like its made of paper mache, no?

celebrities wearing vera wang dresses

Another celebrity who wore a red Vera Wang to an awards ceremony is Sofia Vergara of the ABC hit show, Modern Family. She wore this Vera Wang Coral Gown to the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Vera Wang’s remarkable longevity in the fashion business may be illustrated by the fact that celebrities have been wearing her clothes for years. For instance, here’s Academy Award-winning Holly Hunter in a more subdued Vera Wang white gown at a red carpet event back in 2004. The dress is from the designer’s Fall/Winter 2004 Ready to Wear Collection.

Sarah Michelle Gellar also wore a Fall/Winter 2004 Vera Wang gown when she appeared at the MTV Europe Music Awards years ago. Maybe you can tell us what exactly she did there – did she sing or did she present an award?

Still from a few years back, here’s Brazilian/German supermodel Raquel Zimmermmann in a Vera Wang Spring/Summer 2005 Gown.

Meanwhile, the beautiful badass actress that is Maggie Q wore a Vera Wang silk chiffon gown from the designer’s Resort 2010 collection. [What does the blurb say? It quotes Maggie saying this, “I would wear this maxi dress daily. Long, flowing, with flats – that’s me.”]

Did we say celebrities love to wear Vera’s wedding dresses? They do in actual life as well as in their make believe television gigs. For instance, here’s Leighton Meester who, as Blair Waldorf, ties the knot in the fifth season of Gossip Girl wearing a Vera Wang Freida wedding dress.

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