Carl Edwards Shirtless NASCAR Muscle Hunk

Carl Edwards Shirtless NASCAR Muscle Hunk. Want some hunky men in jeans? Well, then check out this photo of NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) driver Carl Edwards in rocking a pair of blue jeans.

His pants may look a little dirty but the dirt doesn’t reduce Carl’s hotness, no? With taut muscles and abs like that? Yum. Yum. Those of you who picked male model Keith Angell over Carl Edwards in our 2009 post below might want to rethink your choice. Seriously!

carl edwards shirtless in jeans

By the way, we should note that Carl, who is one of the winningest NASCAR racers, has decide to hang up his boots four years ago in 2016. According to USA Today, he decided to call it a day because he is content with his career accomplishments and would like to pursue other outside interests.

What is he doing now? Well, we are keeping our fingers crossed that he will continue to pursue an acting career. Did you know that he has a total of 12 IMDB acting credits to date? However, his last acting gig was in 2017 so we are not sure if he is keen with becoming an actor.

Someone should hire him to become a commentator during NASCAR races. We bet he’d be good at it like, you know, Charles Barkley good when he commentates during NBA basketball games.

More Carl Hotness Update: We are updating this post to bring you more Carl Edwards shirtless photos. With his sculpted washboard abs and all, we can see why he is featured on magazine covers.

carl edwards shirtless hot body

Does he have the best NASCAR body?

carl edwards shirtless washboard abs

This is no Carl Edwards shirtless photo but he sizzles nonetheless.

card edwards hot body

Muscle Abs War: Carl Edwards vs. Keith Angell (05 April 2009). Who’s got the hotter ab muscles? NASCAR champion Carl Edwards or model actor Keith Angell? We ask because we can’t decide between these two.

First, here’s Carl and his sculpted washboard abs:

carl edwards shirtless nascar - espn - pic by carlos serrao

And here’s Keith who’s abs are just as good as his “rival”:

Keith Angell shirtless model

We’re guessing you already know Carl Edwards as he’s usually in the sports pages but most of you probably haven’t heard of Keith Angell, right? Well, he is a 6’1″ model based in California.

Well, let’s have him introduce himself (via modelmayhem): “I am an actor/model just like everyone else in this small world. I have been doing this for a few years now and have made leaps and bounds. I started out in a small town call Falls city with a max compasity of 500 people to NY. I spent a short 7 months there and now were I need to be in L.A.. just looking to do small things to help them out because I don’t ever expect big things to happen. im just here to have fun and enjoy this ride.”

He’s a cute pretty hunk, huh? We here at Famewatcher are hoping he’ll make it big in the male modeling world.

Carl Edwards Shirtless NASCAR Muscle Hunk posted 5 November 2009. Last updated: August 15, 2020 at 7:58 am.