Cameron Monaghan Shirtless, Girlfriend, Fashion Style Watch

Cameron Monaghan Shirtless, Girlfriend, Fashion Style Watch. Look who’s got himself a new girlfriend? It’s our favorite Hollywood ginger Cameron Monaghan who recently revealed on Instagram (follow him @cameronmonaghan) that he’s taken so he’s no longer “singling and mingling”.

So, who’s the lucky lady? Her name is Lauren Searle, she’s a Los Angeles-based model, and she’s got a pretty active subreddit dedicated to her on Reddit. Apparently, Cameron and Lauren have been dating for over a year now but kept it to themselves. Most probably because they don’t want busybodies like ourselves gossiping about them, no? Hehe. Anyhoo, here’s a picture of our happy lovebirds. Awww, sweet love!

Cameron Monaghan girlfriend or wife lauren searle

Now, since we are updating this post anyways, here are shirtless photos of Cameron from a photoshoot he did with Heroine Magazine:

Cameron Monaghan body

Cameron Monaghan shirtless

This is not from the abovementioned mag but we’re adding it here because of them abs!!!

Cameron Monaghan abs

He looks good shirtless but he looks good in suit and tie too!

Cameron Monaghan hot in suit and tie - red carpet

Cameron Monaghan hot in suit and tie

Update on Cameron’s Girlfriends (16 April 2020). He most recently dated actress Peyton List but they broke up last year. According to, his ex-girlfriends also include Ruby Modine (2016 – 2017) and Sadie Newman (2015). Anyhoo, here’s Cameron and Peyton back when they were still seeing each other.

cameron monaghan girlfriend peyton list

Cameron Monaghan Shirtless Selfies (9 July 2014). While we were not looking, the curly-haired redhead in Malcolm in the Middle has grown up and is now taking shirtless selfies. He’s also got some really nice washboard abs and is hooking up with an older man.

Oh, wait, we are wrong about that hooking up part. Not in real life anyway. But he plays Ian Gallagher, an LGBT character who does hook up with an older man, in the critically acclaimed drama series Shameless. If you haven’t already, you should check it out on Showtime.

The actor tells us more about Ian in a 2011 interview with “Ian is the middle child of a struggling family in Chicago. He’s tough, he’s smart, he’s the only one with a steady job in the family, so he’s kind of taking care of everyone else. He’s gay and he’s having an affair with the Muslim married man who owns the shop that he works at.”

So is Cameron a friend of Dorothy in real life? Nah, he is actually straight but he played the role really well so we won’t be surprised if he’ll get some acting trophies in the future because he is that good.

Boxers or Briefs? We don’t know what he prefers in real life but he’s been seen wearing briefs, boxer shorts, and boxer briefs in some of his movie and TV scenes. For instance, here’s Ian Gallagher in boxer shorts during an episode of Shameless:

cameron monaghan underwear boxer shorts in shameless

cameron monaghan underwear boxer shorts

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