Calvin Klein Black Dresses: Celebrity Fashion Collection

Calvin Klein Black Dresses: Models For CK Spring. These black dresses from Calvin Klein’s Spring 2011 collection may be plain and, to use Kevin’s words, “unimaginative and sack-like” but they are totally wearable. At the end of the day, the wearability of a designer outfit is all that matters, right?

Calvin Klein Black Dresses for spring summer

womens Calvin Klein Black Dresses

Calvin Klein Black Dresses NY Fashion Week

Calvin Klein Black Dresses

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Hollywood Celebrities Wearing Calvin Klein Black Dresses
10 August 2011

As we’ve been doing in our fashion updates, let’s take a look at some celebrities who were spotted recently or a few years back wearing CK black dresses.

Lady Gaga: Arguably the most talked about celebrity today is Lady Gaga. Her songs are big hits and whatever she decides to wear gets the widest and longest buzz. Clearly, she has out-Madonna’d Madonna when it comes to combining music and fashion, she’s now the queen of both worlds. Here’s the Born This Way singer in a Calvin Klein black lace custom dress.

celebrities wearing calvin black klein dresses lady gaga

Halle Berry: Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry keeps it simple but classy in her sleeveless Calvin Klein Resort 2009 Black Dress.

celebrities wearing calvin black klein dresses halle berry ck resort

Cynthia Nixon: Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon looks very regal in her CK Strapless Dress. We admire how she carries herself but we’re kinda worried that she might fall from that very tall shoes she’s wearing. Clearly, she’s not afraid of the bad effects of high heels we wrote about earlier, no?

celebrities wearing calvin black klein dresses cynthia nixon strapless

Emma Watson: Emma Watson may look like the girl next door but she’s one of the richest actresses out there. Her black strappy satin dress is from the Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2011 Collection.

Zoe Saldana: Avatar’s kickass Navi, Zoe Saldana went for the girly look with this long Calvin Klein custom embellished one sleeve navy dress. It worked. She’s gorgeous and fabulous and sexy in her CK gown.

celebrities wearing calvin black klein dresses

That’s it for now fellow CK-watchers.

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