Calum Best Hair Transplant: Before and After Photos

Calum Best Hair Transplant: Before and After Photos. Guess who’s undergone three hair transplant procedures to maintain his good looks? It’s British male model/TV reality star/actor Calum Best.

Calum who blames himself for his growing hair loss (he says he shouldn’t have worn tight ponytails — which the Brits call the “Croydon facelift” — or overbleached his hair with peroxide) had his first hair transplant in 2012. The procedure, which involved transferring 1,200 grafts (amounting to 1,850 individual hairs) from the side of his scalp to the front, was done by noted hair surgeon Asim Shahmalak.

Calum Best hair transplant photos before and after his first surgery:

calum best hair transplant - before and after photos

How much was this Calum Best hair transplant? The procedure is worth £8,000 according to the London Evening Standard. Why did Calum decide to undergo a hair transplant? Because his growing hair loss made him self-conscious and less confident.

Via the London Evening Standard: “You drop your head to look at your phone and you are thinking all the time, ‘Are they looking at my bald spot?’ It really affects your confidence. I have also reached the stage in my life where I am much more relaxed about how people view me.”

After undergoing the hair transplant, Calum announced that he was happy with the result: “I am so pleased I had it done. I was fed losing my hair and wanted to look good. You only to see how much better people like Wayne Rooney, James Nesbitt and Gordon Ramsay look after having similar operations.”

In January 2014, Calum underwent his second hair transplant with the same doctor at the Manchester Crown Clinic. This time, around 1,250 grafts (amounting to 2,228 individual hairs) were transferred from the side of his scalp to the front. Calum’s hair transplant procedure – follicular unit extraction or FUE – is the same procedure that football great Wayne Rooney underwear a few years back.

Calum’s before and after photos following his second FUE procedure:

calum best hair transplant - before after second hair surgery - photos

Calum’s second hair transplant costs £6,000 according to the Daily Mail. Here’s Calum talking about his second hair transplant: “I had the second procedure because I was so pleased with the first one and how it helped to boost my confidence and work opportunities. Once again, I have a much fuller hairline and the whole front of my scalp looks so much better. The operation has given me a lot more flexibility with my hair. I can continue to wear it spiked up.”

This month, the 33-year old hunk will undergo his third hair transplant surgery under Dr Shahmalak of the Crown Clinic.

The transplants are permanent but Calum continues to loss his hair. Says Calum (via the Daily Mail): “All the transplanted hair is permanent – the problem I have is that I am still losing my natural hair. These procedures have completely changed my life. They have given me so much more confidence and enabled me to wear my hair just the way I like. The fact that I still have my hair helps me to get film roles.”

For his third FUE hair surgery, around 3,000 hairs will be transplanted from the side of the scalp to the front of Calum’s hairline. The cost for this procedure? £6,000 according to the Daily Mail.

Why doesn’t Calum take the Propecia which has been proven to be effective in preventing hair loss? He is afraid of the drug’s side effects which include erectile dysfunction. Well, we are with Calum on this one. After all, how good is a man’s full head of hair if his other head does not work, no? What say you, Famewatchers?

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