Callum Turner Shirtless, Girlfriend, Burberry Model

Callum Turner Shirtless, Girlfriend, Burberry Model. Today in celebrity leather pants, we bring you British actor Callum Turner who’s biting his lip below while rocking a pair of leather pants by Emporio Armani.

Callum, who began is acting and modeling career about the same time in 2010, stars in the BBC show The Capture which you might want to check out on the Peacock streaming network. Too bad Netflix didn’t grab the international streaming rights, no?

callum turner leather pants by emporio armani

Here are more modeling photos of the British hottie who has headlined advertising campaigns for top fashion brands like Burberry.

callum turner burberry model on gq magazine

callum turner model - the last magazine

Looking gorgeous in Louis Vuitton sweaters and Alexander McQueen trousers.

men in sweaters callum turner - louis vuitton and alexander mcqueen pants

Callum Turner Gay or Straight? He is straight and used to date actress Vanessa Kirby who is really really good on The Crown which we highly recommend. The ex-lovebirds dated for four years but broke up last year according to The Sun who quotes an insider:

Vanessa and Callum are both rising stars in the acting world and in the last few years they have been flooded with offers. But as their careers have taken off, their relationship has suffered and they have gradually grown apart. It’s very sad as they were once so close. Last year they made the difficult decision to go their separate ways and they both think its for the best. It’s all very amicable – things just weren’t working out.

A leather-clad Callum on a date with Vanessa back when they were seeing each other.

callum turner girlfriend vanessa kirby

Callum Turner Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Unfortunately for you UnderooWatchers, we have no photos of the guy in his unmentionables but we will update this post if ever we have them. What we do have are these shirtless pics of our curly-haired cutie:

callum turner shirtless body

The next photos are screencapped from the television drama, Glue, where he played the role of a Romany gypsy who’s brother dies under mysterious circumstances.

callum turner body in glue

callum turner shirtless in jeans glue

callum turner shirtless in jeans glue2

Finally, here’s a not-shirtless but still kinda-shirtless photo of our guy in a very transparent tank top shirt he may as well not be wearing it. Haha.

callum turner gay or straight

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