C Thomas Howell Young, Shirtless, Vintage Photos

C Thomas Howell Young, Shirtless, Vintage Photos. Today in Hot Vintage Men of Hollywood, we bring you C. Thomas Howell back when he was a magazine pin-up idol.

But wait, he was born in 1966 and he was at the height of his teen “idolhood” in the 80s, can we really say that the 1980s is considered vintage?

Deena and yours truly say that anything from the 1980s is not “vintage” yet but Kevin and Sheila (the younger ones among your Famewatching crew) insist that anything older than 30 years should be considered vintage. What say you fellow Famewatchers?

thomas howell teen idol 1980s

Christopher Thomas Howell began his acting career in 1982 (as Tyler in Steven Spielberg’s iconic E.T. movie) and has consistently worked in Hollywood since then until now.

To date, the actor has 218 acting credits to his name per IMDB and he has bagged two acting trophies. He won the Young Artist Award in 1983 for The Outsiders (his second movie) and, two years ago, he bagged the best supporting actor Jury Prize for Rich Boy Rich Girl at the Milledgeville-Eatonton Film Festival in Georgia.

C. Thomas with The Outsiders co-stars Matt Dillon and Ralph Macchio.

vintage hunks rob lowe c thomas howell and ralph macchio

The young actor shirtless in jeans.

c thomas howell hot shirtless in jeans

Question for those of you in the know: For the next photo below, is the actor playing a lifeguard a-la David Hasselhoff in Baywatch or a volleyball player a-la Tom Cruise in Top Gun?

c thomas howell body

Autographed photos of the then teen-idol.

c thomas howell hot

c thomas howell pinup hottie

Awww. He’s so cute in the next photo below. For some reason, the pic reminded us of a young Robert Redford.

c thomas howell cute side out 1980 movie

Photos of Thomas in the 1985 movie The Secret Admirer about young Tommy finding a love letter in his locker. Hmm, is this a stalker movie? We sure hope not.

c thomas howell shirtless young in secret admirer 1985

c thomas howell shirtless young

Let us end this post with a magazine pin-up photo of our young Hollywood hunk, shall we?

c thomas howell young pinup hunk - the outsiders

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