C-in2 Male Underwear Models: Boxer Briefs and Tighty Whities

C-in2 Male Underwear Models: Boxer Briefs and Tighty Whities. Wear C-in2 boxer briefs and you will get arrested. That seems to be the message of the above print ad, no? Or maybe the police officers just want some guy on guy action with these C-in2 underwear wearing dudes.

C-in2 Male Underwear Models Boxer Briefs

Now, what about this second advert? What message do you get from the image? That men who wear C-in2 underwear tend to be jailbirds? Or that this underwear brand is so hot that even prisoners love to wear them?

Whatever it is C-in2 is trying to tell us, we gotta admit that we are intrigued.

C-in2 Male Underwear Models

Want more C-in2 underwear models? Check out David Rich and Chris Cuba.

UPDATE: You want more C-in2 male underwear models, don’t you? Your wish is our command so let’s give you more hunky and sexy men wearing C-in2 briefs, boxers, and whatnot.

We begin with Sean Clancy who fits nicely in his Cin2 boxer briefs. Nice one, Sean.

sean clancy c-in2 male underwear models

Then here’s American model Alexander Kushneir looking fabulous in his skimpy briefs.

C-in2 Male Underwear Models Alex Kushneir

And here’s Jesse Bloom and Rick Chacon.

C-in2 Male Underwear Models Jesse Blum

By the way, for those of you who are wondering about where C-in2 comes from and that kind of stuff, this underwear company is a fairly new brand co-founded in 2005 by Greg Sovell and Jason Zambuto. If Greg’s name kinda sorta rings a bell with you, it’s because he also founded another fabulous underwear brand which, we’re pretty sure you’ve already heard of, 2xist Underwear. Anyhoo, the story goes that Greg had some creative differences in 2xist so he left and decided to establish another company that caters to men who like their underwear sexy and sexier.

So congratulations to Greg and Jason for putting up a company that managed to grab a share of the competitive underwear market. Do you think those policemen and prison underwear photos played a key role in making men aware of the brand? We bet it did.

Anyhoo, let’s check out more of C-in2’s underwear line. It also has jockstraps as you can see in our next photo of a jockstrap-wearing male model. Oh, its got something for the cyclist too so you won’t hurt your groin area when you’re cycling or doing athletic stuff.

Tank top athletic shirts, V-Neck shirts, and crew shirts are also part of the company’s underwear line.

C-in2 Male Underwear Models V-Neck Shirt

C-in2 Male Underwear Models Tank Top

C-in2 Male Underwear Models: Boxer Briefs and Tighty Whities. Posted 16 December 2009. Updated 3 June 2017.