Buster Posey Shirt, Jeans, Suit, and Fashion Style

buster posey plaid shirt fashion

Buster Posey Shirt, Jeans, and Off-Field Fashion. We’ve seen what Buster Posey is wearing when he is catching balls for the San Francisco Giants (go see: Buster Posey Baseball Gear), now let’s check out what he wears off the field.

Apparently, he really really really loves him his plaid shirts as you can see in the composite above. Now, when it comes to trousers, our three-time World Champion loves him his slightly baggy, straight-leg jeans as you can see in the next photo below as well as in other pics we saw of him off the field.

buster posey fashion - straight leg jeans

A few years ago, Buster did a photoshoot for GQ Magazine, check it out. What is he wearing? Apparently, his jacket is by Banana Republic. His sweatpants are by Michael Bastian. And his sneakers are from the Sandro men’s shoes collection.

buster posey baseball fashion - gq mag - banana rep jacket - michael bastian sweatpants - sandro sneakers

The loose jeans and shirts that Buster seem to prefer may be comfortable and all but he looks best in clothes that fit and hug his body. Fit clothes bring out the sexy masculine man in him. Check him out, for instance, wearing a suit tailored to fit him well vis-a-vis one that appears to be one or two size(s) larger. One looks crumpled and hangs while the other makes you want to eff and marry him.

buster posey fit suit vs large suit

What’s that saying about a well tailored suit doing to a man what a lingerie does to a woman? Our friend Deena explains what this saying supposedly means: A well tailored suit makes on a man makes a woman (or a man) wonder what is underneath the clothing in the same way that men (or women) wonder what’s underneath the lingerie.

Anyhoo, here’s Buster doing his baseball stuff while wearing a suit. Isn’t this the sexiest photo of him you’ve ever seen?

buster posey sexy suit - mens health

Pics are from Men’s Journal, for those of you wondering.

buster posey suit - baseball fashion

Our favorite Buster Posey shirt and pants photo. Hot damn! He’s our imaginary baseball boyfriend for a reason.

buster posey hot baseball player

Wanna see Buster dressing as a girl? Check him out wearing a skirt during the 2010 rookie hazing ritual for the San Francisco Giants.

buster posey wearing skirt - sf giants rookie hazing

Let’s end this post with Buster wearing a tuxedo in this pic with his wife Kristen who, we hope, will forgive us for drooling over her man. Haha. Sorry, we can’t help it.

buster posey wearing tuxedo with wife kristen

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