Burberry Speedo for Men

Burberry Speedo for Men. We were not planning to write this post but we came across this photo of a gorgeous guy wearing a briefs-style Speedo in Burberry tartan and we were like, “We did not know Burberry now makes itty bitty swimsuits for men?”

burberry speedo for men - alex schlab

Apparently, it does and the photo is part of the latest swimwear collection by the iconic British brand.

More about the collection from hypebeast.com: “Aptly titled ‘A Burberry Summer’, the campaign is an ode to warm escapes at the sea. Since being appointed creative head of the heritage British label, Daniel Lee has held high importance to honing in on Burberry’s legacy — tapping into some of the house’s most iconic designs, patterns, and codes.”

burberry speedo for men - alex schlab2

Hypebeast adds: “This collection is no different. Adorned in the label’s signature Check design – first introduced on raincoats in the 1920s – it has since been a revered global fashion icon. The Check pattern is featured across the range of men’s and women’s swimwear and accessories including shorts, bikinis, robes, beach totes, bucket hats, and more.”

For those of you wondering, the guy above is Alexander Schlab, an American of Chinese and German descent who began his now burgeoning modeling career as a social media influencer.

Another guy who was part of the 2023 Burberry swimwear campaign is Matheus Mesquita, a Brazilian male model who is fairly new in the modeling world.

burberry speedo for men - black briefs Matheus Mesquita

There are other models who are part of the campaign — Ishmael Auguiste and Kaedon Baxter — but they are wearing swim shorts and not the skimpy briefs-style outfit so we ain’t including their photos. Instead, here’s Shawn Golomingi from an earlier Burberry campaign, 2019 if we are not mistaken.

burberry speedo for men - Shawn Golomingi - black briefs

Now, we are not sure if Shawn is wearing swimwear or underwear below but we are advocates for using underwear as swimwear so we’ll add it here, shall we?

burberry speedo for men - Shawn Golomingi - black briefs2

Speaking of underwear-as-swimwear, here’s another guy in Burberry briefs we would not mind seeing in our swimming pool.

burberry speedo for men - underwear as swimwear

Finally, here’s a model wearing a Burberry draw cord swimbriefs from the label’s look book.

burberry speedo for men - male model - lookbook

Burberry Speedo for Men. Last updated: August 31, 2023 at 8:08 am.