Burberry Leather Pants for Men: NY Fashion Week

Burberry Leather Pants for Men: NY Fashion Week. Before we stop blogging about the recently concluded New York Fashion Week, let’s check out Burberry leather pants for men. Do you love the fact that these pants are kind of tight? Or would you rather have a pair of looser leather trousers?

burberry leather pants mens

Question: What’s wrong with these leather pants? They are so wrinkly. At least the first one above and the next outfit below.

burberry leather pants for men by christopher bailey

We must say that these leather pants, particularly the tight skinny ones below, are one of the sexiest men’s leather pants we’ve seen in a while. In fact when a friend who doesn’t like leather pants (mainly because he thinks they look uncomfortable to wear) saw these outfits he went, “Hmm. Those are sexy cool pants. I wouldn’t mind wearing those to show off my full Kardashian-like bum!”

christopher bailey burberry leather pants

It takes a genius to convert someone to like something s/he originally disliked. So we give props to Christoper Bailey for being the creative genius who changed our friend’s mind. Leather pants may make you sweaty and uncomfortable but you get hot sexiness and grab peoples attention in return. Right, David?

Before we end this post, here’s a print ad from the Burberry Spring/Summer advertising campaign featuring our latest imaginary British model boyfriend, Jacob Young. Ain’t he a total cutie?

mens burberry leather pants

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