Bryan Singer Boyfriend: Male Model Jess of SeanCody

Bryan Singer Gay Boyfriend: Male Model Jess of Sean Cody – Photo. Let’s put this in the “We Did Not Know That Department”. Apparently, X-Men director Bryan Singer is into guys. And, if you believe internet rumors from back in 2011, he has a boylet named Jess who used to star in Sean Cody videos.

Sean Cody, for those of you who do not know, is an internet site which features non-mainstream adult-oriented videos.

bryan singer director with hugh jackman

Anyhoo, here’s the reported Bryan Singer gay boyfriend. Ain’t he cute? He’s got a nice smile too.

bryan singer gay boyfriend - jess of seancody

Would you hit that? Of course you would. Good for Bryan Singer for finding a cute young boyfriend. Okay, we must admit that we really don’t know if these two really became an item and, if they were, whether they are still in a relationship. Still, we decided to blog about them because we are amused by the comments we came across one site which are criticizing/condemning the director for maybe shacking up with a young guy. The director was 46 when they supposedly hooked up while the “adult actor” was in his early twenties.

What did the commenters say about this supposed relationship? Here you go:

  • So typical. Rather than date someone closer to his age and professional background. Again, this feeds the stereotype that we’re only interested in pretty young things. Or maybe it is not a stereotype after all.
  • So you would rather he date a clone of himself? Some of us like to date people who aren’t necessarily similar to ourselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you think it isn’t socially acceptable or whatever, and that we should honestly care what your opinion is, then you can go eff yourself.
  • Hey if I were rich and famous and flying around on private jets I’d date models and p**n stars too.
  • Yeah, I don’t like it when older people with money and power feed off of the young. It happens in both the straight and gay communities and is equally gross in both cases. Hugh Hefner is an example and I guess Bryan Singer is another.
  • I’m an old white man and I have a guy 25 yrs younger than me and I haven’t got a pot to piss in. So I guess he loves me for me. Geeze that’s a new concept.
  • So effing what about an age difference? Jeez, we’re fighting stupid outdated impositions of morality as it is. The last thing we need is to start dictating what age gap is appropriate for other people amongst ourselves. If he was 90 and the kid was 18, I’d say good luck to them, for whatever reason they are together. It’s just nobody else’s business, and I’m pretty disappointed that this site is even bothering to report on this piece.
  • How does this make Singer any different from any other Hollywood multimillionaire middle aged guy? LOL! Michael Douglas is how much older than Catherine Zeta Jones? Woody Allen married his step daughter (whom helped to raise)! Rich older guys going for younger, blonder models is classic Hollywood. Did you never see the movie the “First Wives Club”? Why should we expect a gay guy to not be as shallow as his peers?

So there you have it. It is an endless debate. We must say that we are with those who say that Bryan can date anyone he wants so long as he is not forcing anyone to date him.

bryan singer gay kiss - frank langella

If he wants to date a dude from Sean Cody and said dude also want to date the director, why should we criticize them? There’s really nothing wrong with them dating in much the same way that there’s nothing wrong if Bryan and actor Frank Langella kiss on the red carpet. Speaking of which, check out our post on Gay Celebrity Kisses.

Bryan Singer Gay Boyfriend: Jess of Sean Cody – Photo. Posted 19 January 2013.