Bruce Willis Fashion Style: Cool Hot Daddy of the Day

Bruce Willis Fashion Style: Cool Hot Daddy. Aww, look at that photo of Hollywood A-Lister Bruce Willis pushing his 5-month-old baby’s pram. A guy who is hands-on in the care of his baby is the very definition of a hot daddy to us here at Famewatcher. The only thing that can beat a photo like this in the realm of “daddy hotness” is one where a dad smiles through the job of feeding a playful baby who doesn’t like to eat.

bruce willis fashion style

Anyhoo, what do you think of Bruce Willis’ get-up? Pretty cool, no? Khaki pants, Nike rubber shoes, light grey shirt, and US Open cap — there’s nothing to unlike in his ensemble. We love his body-hugging shirt the most. One thing though that could have made the above images hotter is if he removed his hat so we will have a glimpse of his bald sexiness. Hehe.

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bruce willis fashion style cool daddy

Our cool hot daddy of the day must have been working out because he is in great shape. We are gonna bet a thousand dollars that he is in better shape than Jayson Blair, the rumored boyfriend of his daughter Rumer Willis. By the by, Bruce is almost 60 years old (he’s currently 57) but we won’t be surprised if most of you think that he is still in his forties.

bruce willis fashion style hot daddy

By the by, the baby Bruce is taking care of in these photos is his daughter Mabel Ray Willis, born in April this year, with second wife model Emma Heming. You already know, of course, that he’s got three other kids with Demi Moore: Rumer Willis (who has some , Scout LaRue Willis, and Tallulah Belle Willis.

Given how Hollywood celebrities change spouses as often as they change clothes, it is interesting to note that our Bruce only got hitched two times. It says something good about his character especially because he has remain friends with his exes.